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The Biggest Secret of David Icke

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This video is formerly of, which is a dead site.

It's on YouTube, inexplicably uploaded to repeat three times, by some loon.

This is well worth a watch if you want to understand David Icke, it really explains his sources and puts him in context - madly, much of what he believes is based on the work of Alice Bailey, who has also had an influence on the UN.



It ends up being a little too Christian for me, at the end, but I agree with the thrust of the argument. I actually find it interesting that he makes belief in Jesus the solution to the problems Icke describes, I'm convinced Jesus is simply the light of the Sun, so I could even accept that on those terms.

But it's really good - explains when people say Icke is "controlled opposition".

*** Both the NWO and David Icke are expressions of the same consciousness invoked by Alice Bailey. ***

Icke is just not trustable. he plays the same bullshit word games in the same way Jordan Maxwell ,another devotee of Theosophy and his favourite bedside read - isis unveiled by blavatsky and even his pen name is derived from Jordanus Maximus from blavatsky's books. Chris White does a VERY good look at Icke and his 100% Theosophy based beliefs and shows how it's woven together.
Very interesting and well presented expose by the same guy who made the excellent doc about ancient aliens being blatant liars.
As for Icke and his being Christian... no.. not really, in fact not at all.. he's ALL about Theosophy.
Being convinced that Jesus is the light of the Sun or as Bailey and Icke would put it .. Rakorski/St Germain/St Michael are the light/Rays of the sun.. in fact didn't icke call the rays from the sun the Rakorski rays , an expression of the solar Logos???
Blavastky must be pissing herself laughing that her wildly racist and anti semitic(if you think it's not then you haven't really read it..)
Bailey then took blavatsky's bollocks and ran with it
Icke then repackages it with his interdimensional shape shifting human/hybrid lizards and disingenuous word play.
So I would add Blavatsky then Bailey then Maxwell then Icke as expressions of the exact same thing

so you just linked this very video.

where it originated.
He had problems for w while with take down complaints from Icke and from the ancient aliens producers.
so people uploaded his stuff everywhere as a back up.
From my understanding his legal woes have now ceased and his work shown to be genuine fair use.
folks maybe change the names to avoid detection and removal from when his stuff on those two subjects were being purged.
All his stuff can be found on his own channel
I don't buy everything he's selling but his work on debunks on Ancient aliens, Icke, Maxwell etc are very well researched, show proofs and in the case of ancient aliens has a complimentary website that shows all his research in numbers order to show the AA guys are full on bullshit. is where he gets into Maxwell and he shows it's just the same theosophical stuff just repackaged and showing his highly dubious and disingenuous worldplay

I have been a Theosophist and a Alice Bailey´s Arcane School student for 42 years, and I have been studying ALL the material (books, audios and videos) by David Icke since 1998, and all I can honestly testify is that ALL David Icke SAYS HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING RELATED EITHER WITH THEOSOPHY OR AAB. Whoever contradits that is just a IGNORANT LIAR. The same applies to Jordan Maxwell, in relation to any branch of Theosophy.

I am quite sure it's spelled "Theosophist"
So are you saying Rakorski and St Germain have nothing to do with Theosophy? They do..
the 7 rays?
what about the side by side comparisons shown in the video that clearly show it'e the very same thing being promoted??
they do... see above for details.
obvious thing is obvious

Interesting.....Icke's entire Ickonic Vimeo account is taken down, his London Real IV is taken down by Youtube and now we have posters bad mouthing him here as well. I don't know about the Alice Bailey connection but Icke seems to call events pretty accurately. We all reference our beliefs from other sources so I don't get the reasoning that Icke is bad because there may be parallels between his work and others. He's calling out the NWO agenda to forcibly vaccinate the entire planet behind the cover of a Corona virus fear porn campaign. Then there's the trillions of dollars of "stimulus" being poured into the banks behind the same lie. The very same criminal cabal behind this agenda have finally decided that they can't allow Icke to speak anymore. I'd be more concerned about that.

I don't think anyone is bad-mouthing him, just analysing him, nothing wrong with that.

but not everyone buys what Icke is selling.
have you even watched the documentary?
Icke promoting the ideas of Blavatsky/Bailey is odd considering his stated anti globalist stance.
But look at the video, see the side by side comparisons and the other things of note.

The premise of the video is that Icke is somehow pushing the Luciferian agenda. That's reaching at best. The beginning has the guy quoting from two of Icke's earliest books, one of which he obviously regrets writing. I've watched the guys work for years and I've never heard him come close to spruiking for Lucifer. His earlier stuff perhaps shows a naivety about certain topics and he was a member of the Greens party around the same time which perhaps shows that like many of us, he was searching for what he believed in. I consider myself a Christian and I wouldn't knowingly support a Luciferian. I can't know his mind but after watching a 9hr live talk he gave a few years ago, I go off what he's saying now. We need voices that can hopefully influence those few in power in our favor.

...fighting and argueing boys and girls. Can you name any instance who could benefit about this infighting. Anyone??

between infighting and debate.
if you think this is flaming.. you have led a sheltered net life!
condescension is never a good approach to peace making

There's no problem.....its good that we can debate without losing our lunch....

You know who else liked pickles? ADOLF HITLER!
Therefore David Icke must be like Hitler.

Galaxy Brain logic in effect. =8-Þ

AC1D4T3D wrote:

You know who else liked pickles? ADOLF HITLER!
Therefore David Icke must be like Hitler.
Galaxy Brain logic in effect. =8-Þ

have you actually watched the video?
do you realise why it's worthy of note to mention blavatsky's book on hitler's bedside table?
And the influence that she had over the Nazi party and it's associated organisations such as the Thule Society etc?
it could help ;)