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Ben Dragon's AMFH Video Lecture - Rituals & Magic - Part 1

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This is the next reupload of my uploads from 2014. A lot asked for them back up over the years so I'm doing what I can with my account fading out and all.

Anyway, here is the nfo from the first upload;

"This is a video of Ben Dragon's supplemental audio lecture "Rituals and Magic" part 1. Be sure to get part 2 which picks up right from part 1.

Ben Dragon really gets into the more esoteric meaning of it all.

I found his stuff REALLY GOOD and I loved his book... something that I found tremendously insightful.

He not only sees through the system but PROVIDES SOLUTIONS and gives answers. Reading and listening to his stuff forced me to think. The answers that he gives helped me a lot personally.
That's more than other researchers can say who just constantly say that the sky is falling and provide nothing to help us understand.
I read all that this guy has to say. I thought I'd share it with others.

This is also available on YouTube.

His website is at:

He has more stuff about this and other things on his website."

I will get part 2 up soon.

Thomas C.


Who is Ben Dragon? Any bio or background on him?

Thank you in advance

He has been around for a few decades, going deeply into Reality and grounding people in it. He used to tour the US in the 2000s, (and Canada in the 90s) doing lectures, but never to the masses. He's getting a bit older now and gave it up. He's a great counter balance to the craop that the system dumps into our heads. I understand what is really going on much better than I did and it makes me feel settled inside. Something right going on there.
He has had a website up since the early 90s with forums with thousands of messages that people read frome all over the globe. He put up a new one a few years back as the previous one became too large to manage. He always replies and has helped a lot of people out.
Amongst many other things he has checked into religion and why it exists, being a dead end for true spirituality native to everyone everywhere on the globe, though most believe that we are animals... part of the system agenda. Most people just want to have fun and live an empty life. That's not why we are here. (duh).He says that it's something to do with true free will and most people always choose materialism using any excuse to take the downhill slide... a decesion ofthen made by immature or underdevevloped spirits... (life force as opposed to anything religious).

I have been on and of his site(s) for a long time, about then years. I keep trying to get him to post new stuff like his old audios and videos. But he says that the depth of it scares people who watch TV and such. Every time I go through his stuff I see more and more things that I missed before. It completely blows me away. He says that he has some topics that he wants to go up next year. He doesn't self promote and says that people that are looking hard for something more to life beyond the BS make it his way when they can't find anything more yet need it. I try to get him to go bigger but he ain't interested.

He can talk very deeply on about anything that is real today. I never seen anything like it.
Anyway, i will post more of his old stuff when I get the chance. Hoipe that helps a bit.


Hey, thanks for that, and for sharing your thoughts. Much appreciated.
I checked out the website. It says if you register you can get access to more material, but it doesn't let me complete the registration (no email confirmation sent).
Anyway, it is interesting to see the torrents being added to the website. Wish other websites would share files via torrenting :)
(one of the ritual/magic links doesn't work)

Thanks for sharing his stuff here.


I will post more when I can.

With respect to forum registration issues, I suspect that you were on the news site, not the forum as gaining access to more information is where that is. Try

thank you Thomas C for sharing these material. I have never heard of him so far.
I appreciate a lot.
I read your insights about reading his book. I tried to search for the pdf without any luck.
do u have hard copy of the book?

The only PDF of the book that I know of is for the preface, not the entire thing.
I do I have the book myself. around 800 pages of deep insight.

thank you, thomas C
for your response!

I have a lot of books and if I had to burn them all and keep only one, it would be Dragon's AMFH without a doubt. It's like it alive, (figuratively speaking). As I grow it grows, meaning that every time I go back and reread it I find his word choice and the way he says things has many layers of meaning many you don't get right away, first read. He did a breakdown on one of the sections from Plato's Republic showing the difference between one translation and another and it completely blew the top off my head! First time I thought that I got it all, (so much even then!), but as I reread it over time I just cannot understand how I missed it, and how he gets so much into every thing that he writes blows me away... like a sledge hammer in the face. But, read some of his quotes for example, form his main website. Some of them sound like huh? at first, but when I come back later.
And what really freaks me out is the things that he said 7 or 8 years ago when I first found his stuff and looking back now... anyway. My fingers are getting sore. You can send him an email or just PM him if you are in the forum if you don't wanna do public posts. He can answer better than me.

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