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On behalf of the members of ConCen ...

... I'd like to thank the donors to Nib's replacement tablet cause.


Nibs is enjoying his new tablet, and looking forward to the day it will once again be WiFi enabled. In the meantime he's so happy he's temporarily stopped drowning his sorrows in stale hobo piss. Yes kids, things are looking up for poor old Nibs!


that to celebrate this, we should organise some fresh hobo piss!

Glad Nibs is juiced up with the cutting gotta get Atari 2600 gaming platform.. ooweee

An Atari 2600 might be too much of an upgrade for his fragile little mind to contemplate!
I suggest a ZX80 then to the 81 then maybe.. just maybe a spectrum+ if he's a good boy!

Nibs the pong master :)

but the "pong" is the hobo piss