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Amazing Polly banned Youtube channel video archive

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This is Amazing Polly's archived channel from Youtube. Last downloaded Oct 3 2020. She got banned Oct 15 2020. Please SEED for histories sake.



What type of content did Amazing Polly present? Was this mostly Covid-19 stuff?

She is a Canadian that deep dives info... iow WAKE UP ALREADY message. Agenda 21/30 is the real deal/STEAL

Hang in there, just be patient and download, don't quit! Seed if you can, but if you can't I understand!

Oh and spread this far and wide. ACCORDING TO GOOGLE, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED THIS INFO.

If you guys send out this link that would be great :)

looks like another brain fart

Nobody is forcing you to do a thing lol. You folks are full of yourselves. Enjoy :)


Good news. She's migrated to Bitshute.

She did and that is awesome. I wish Bitchute was a good as Youtube. In time it will get better I think. can be really good for backing up important multimedia/information as well.

Thanks, Corsair. A wise suggestion.