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Al Bielek - Montauk, Mind Control & Time Travel [study pack]

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Al Bielek - Montauk, Mind Control & Time Travel [study pack]

This stuff is really far out. You'll need very open mind to accept this. Bear in mind that Al Bielek had been involved in the Montauk mind control program and therefore he may still be under mind control. This means that he actually believes in what he says although it may never have happened that way.

Al Bielek seems honest and authentic and you get the impression that he believes in what he says. Much of what he states has been confirmed by different sources. Much of what he says about mind control has been corroborated by Russ Dizdar for example. According to Al Bielek up to 90 percent of all American youth may be under some form of Montauk mind control. Up to 10 percent of all people in the US may have alien implants. This is essential material. You may have watched some of this stuff elsewhere but probably not everything in this torrent.

Preston Nichols will give you some amazing technological insights into the technical design of the Montauk chair and its transmitters and antenna design. Radio amateurs will love this one.

Al Bielek will talk about:

The Wilhelm Reich sex-orgasmatron for mind control.

Time traveling, Al Bielek was involved in.

Alternate dimensions explored for real.

The unknown nazi-nukes.

Alien contacts.

The nazi matter-anti-matter bomb.

Synthetic telepathy with conventional radio-transmitters.

Strange radionics.

Occult walk-ins by time travelers.

The black triangular UFOs built by the military.

Anti-gravity used by stealth fighters.

An electronic device making intelligence agents invisible.

Why Wilhelm Reich was really killed.

How the US military prevented a collision with comet Hale-Bopp that was controlled by an alien intelligence to destroy our planet.

The secret name of Nikola Tesla.

Why Tesla didn't die as a poor but as a rich man.

How the US hydrogen bomb test in 1954 nearly destroyed this planet by igniting the ocean's water and triggering a chain reaction.

How the War of Secession was really won by the south before time-travelers have altered history.

Why Einstein was wrong with his speed-of-light theory.

The moon exploration of the 19th century.

Nazi bases in Antarctica.

Why the Nazis never surrendered.

Human looking aliens working for the US government.

Traveling into the hollow moon.

I told you, this stuff is F A R O U T. But can you handle it? Even if you have great phantasy you couldn't make this up. Reality is stranger than fiction. Don't talk to "normal" people about this. Myth shattering stuff here.