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Adam Curtis - BBC iPlayer Collection (2021)

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This is the ultimate Adam Curtis collection, containing all available works up to 2021...

We were busily collecting all the best copies of Adam Curtis docs from around the internet, when it turned out Adam had remastered them all for re-release on BBC iPlayer.

Please watch on iPlayer if you are in the UK - this is primarily for collectors and the international audience.

This torrent contains a total of 53 hours, 50 minutes, and all the files are believed to be the superior versions of each documentary. Some even have an extra few minues of footage, having previously been cut for copyright or timing reasons. Please let us know if you spot anything missing.

Some of Adam's work is known to be missing - if you can find any of these, please bring them to the "Adam Curtis Films" Facebook Group.

1983 Just Another Day - The Seaside
1983 Trumpets and Typewriters: A History of War Reporting
1987 40 Minutes - Bombay Hotel
2011 I Am not a Garden. I Am a Machine
2017 "MK Ultra"
2019 Untitled Collaboration with Massive Attack for Mezzanine XXI Tour

If anyone would like to make an x265 or AV1 rip, for a smaller torrent, that would be swell. It would also be interesting to see an MP4 encode optimised for uploading to bitchute, LBRY, etc. Thumbnails are included for this purpose.

There is also work to be done collecting subtitles to make Adam's work available to foreign language speakers to enjoy.


Amazing archive, thanks so much for sharing!

It's a dance theatre production using images collated by Curtis:


I will seed indefinitely if so - important collection.

I know I definitely had this for a while after it was first uploaded, but I must have had to delete it off my seedbox to make room... Sorry!

Edit: Added it back on again. Looks like there are seeders now.

It's coming from our brothers in Romania and Serbia.

This is much more well-seeded now.

I don't suppose you have this, at hand? Only a few episodes are missing.

I don't have that one, but somebody else here might...

I searched just now and it wasn't listed. Had to "search entire site".