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9-11 Evil (Victor Thorn)

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The version I have is a crappy epub format and turning it to pdf and ocr just creates a bigger mess. Also, Victor Thorn's other 9/11 books would be great

I was watching a stream about the obviously guilty Giuliani in 9/11, anthrax and election fraud then some numbnuts in the chat said something so ridiculous it made me realize that not all is pure in the anti-Trumpo/J6 mixed event crowd, especially in the peanut gallery of a YT chat when someone mentioned that "9/1 conspiracism is equal to antisemitism" LOL, I mean holy fuck are we screwed, Cass Sunstein is laughing his ass off, so-called leftists, who were the conspiracy theorists for most of the 80's the early 2010's (Obama holding off on Syria because of protests was the last gasp of the Gen X peace movement that was mostly on the left, which I was part of. All this circus is reminding me that the Qtards are as insane as the 9/11 was fully done by crazy Arabs with an invented cause (even if it was them, it would've to make physical sense, plus they had a casus belli to attack the West and especially the US after them letting Israel ignore the Oslo Accords which might have been respected until Rabin was shot when PM...anyways...gotta stay wise to the cognitive infiltration...

Here, try this - I don't have enough time to do a torrent at the moment, but I think the same .pdf copy is here: