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12th & Delaware (2010)

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12th & Delaware 2010

On an unassuming corner in Fort Pierce, Florida, it’s easy to miss the insidious war that’s raging. But on each side of 12th and Delaware, soldiers stand locked in a passionate battle. On one side of the street sits an abortion clinic. On the other, a pro-life outfit often mistaken for the clinic it seeks to shut down.

Using skillful cinema-vérité observation that allows us to draw our own conclusions, Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing, the directors of Jesus Camp, expose the molten core of America’s most intractable conflict. As the pro-life volunteers paint a terrifying portrait of abortion to their clients, across the street, the staff members at the clinic fear for their doctors' lives and fiercely protect the right of their clients to choose. Shot in the year when abortion provider Dr. George Tiller was murdered in his church, the film makes these fears palpable. Meanwhile, women in need become pawns in a vicious ideological war with no end in sight.

Film Contact - Heidi Ewing, Loki Films


Note: I live near Fort Pierce, Florida and those clinic's are in one of the worst neighborhoods in Florida and a top 10 in America for murder and crime. My hats off to the people fighting the abortion clinic and for the curage to stay in such a bad location. I'm suprised HBO's crew didn't get shot shooting film in that hood :lol: