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1111 Iceland - Magical Reality (2020)

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1111 Iceland is designed to be viewed repeatedly so that new generations with new ideas are empowered to investigate our world with innocent perception. With new ideas, new solutions and technologies come to light and a new destiny for humankind unfolds. In addition, the pristine beauty of Iceland’s landscapes can ignite spiritual insights within, that bring harmony and twilit magic back to the viewer’s awareness.

1111 is a portal — a harbinger of synchronicity. The events of this film came together spontaneously and exceeded our original plans. You, the viewer, will be brought with us on our magical journey as we enter the Holy Flow of Hypersynchronicity with each unfolding scene.

1111 Iceland includes the first major film appearance of Iceland’s northernmost island: the highly-prized Grimsey Island, part of the North Atlantic ridge. Perhaps the most abundant fishing region of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Numerous researchers all over the world have been investigating new understandings of our geology, technology and cosmology and have been sharing their discoveries and research online. 1111 Iceland represents a new genre of film that continues this exploration of a new geology, technology and cosmology bringing forth inspiration and the much-anticipated renewal of humanity’s imagination of itself.

Genre: Art, Documentary, Short Films, Travel
Duration: 55 minutes 55 seconds
Directed and Created by Yoeri Stor
Featuring: David Wolfe
Produced by: Krystyna McMillan
Release Date: June 20, 2020 11:11am EST


looking forward to a positive distraction.

It has beautiful cinematography from Iceland and lots of information about the magical properties of water.