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The inspiration for the composition had been in my head for some time.

The deep bass guitar and methodical drum beat is to convey the "machine-like" steadfastness that the NWO has been gradually coming to its desired aims of a "one world government", whilst the piano, in striking contrast, was inspired to convey the hope that if we can "wake up enough people" we have a grand oppotunity for real freedom.

I chose the audio of Bill Cooper talking with Jordan Maxwell from Bill's "Mystery Babylon 23" broadcast (first aired on 17 June 1993) as the exchange of dialogue between them is both inspiring and conveys a sense of urgency to wake up, as well as the agreement they are in which signifies the "unity" of sensible, sane and intelligent minds enthused with passion for what they each know and believe.

During the track I pose a question, or three. Bill Cooper answered by his example.

"...and I firmly believe that any man or woman without principles that they ready and willing to die for, at any given moment that they are called upon to do it, are already dead and are of no use or consequence to anyone, not even themselves..... Understand what I just said."

William Cooper - 17 June 1993.

"It is FOR FREEDOM that Christ set us free". PERIOD.

The Apostle Paul (Emphasis and "PERIOD" mine). Gal 5:1

Living is Freedom and Freedom is living.

We have NOTHING to fear!!

Guitars & Keyboards: Michael Fugazi.
Drums: Hippo.
Bass: Rabs.

Kind permission would be greatly appreciated to use this track by contacting Michael at: