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TRACK 4. "RESPONSE". (03:54)

Despite no evidence of Osama Bin Laden being linked to the 911 attacks those pulling the strings of the US administration "under" Bush used the attacks to invade Iraq and Afghanistan, again without any evidence of "Weapons of Mass Destruction" or any links to 911; which should be obvious by now if you had listened to William Cooper's warning months before the September 11 attacks.

The end of this track is summed up in the words of an Iraqi woman whose grief is self-evident of Bush's claim of "concern for others", among other things:


"They have no conscience!
They know nothing!
They slaughtered us!
They destroyed our houses!
God will destroy their houses!
God is great!
God destroy their houses!
Victory to Iraq!"


"You mean they killed civilians?"


"Yes, civilians! It's our uncles house!
We're all civilians. There is no militia here.
I pray to God to avenge us!
I can only count on you God!
We've had five funerals because of the bombings.
Oh God!
Oh God!
God save us from them!
Where are you God?
Where are you?"

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