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TRACK 3. --------. (09:11)

This track is decicated to the life and memory of Milton William Cooper.

The track is actually without title and (911) was used to title the track simply for easy identification as opposed to "Untitled"; as no words can express the mixed bag of thoughts, feelings and often emotions that all conscientious human beings experience when confronted with the bare facts and as such the length of this piece speaks volumes for both then, now and hereafter.

I believe that the outcome of both our individual and collective futures depends totally upon ourselves.

All people of good conscience will be the only ones to affect change for good...... not the criminals that we, the people, apatheticly give over our sovereignty over to.

Composed, produced, mixed & recorded by Michael Fugazi for an upcoming album as yet untitled at the Shed Studio, Queensland, July 2008. Permission is fully granted by Fugazi to use this music so long as written request is received @ Your courtesy is much appreciated in this regard.

Thanks to my friend and research partner, Jim Kerr a.k.a PlanetQuo ( &, a man of good conscience who has been an inspiration for much of my efforts by his diligent example.

Special thanks to Doyel Shamley & Robert Houghton @ Hour of The Time ( for kind permission granted to feature William Cooper's broadcast of 28th June 2001.

Kind permission would be greatly appreciated to use this track by contacting Michael at: