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Heaven's Gate Collection (UFO Cult)

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The most complete Internet collection on and by Heaven's Gate (aka Higher Source, Human Individual Metamorphosis (HIM), The Two, etc.), the obscure but culturally influential UFO cult of the 70s and 90s (somewhat dormant during the 80s). I also include the connections to Art Bell, a thought-piece by Whitley Strieber, and many encyclopedia entries (the one by George D Chryssides in the Controversial New Religions is particularly insightful).

Like the NXIUM series Concen recently shared (which inspired this post), HBO released a Heaven's Gate documentary series in 2020 (included here) but I also include the podcast which sparked the idea for it by Glynn Washington (who claims to have himself been raised in a cult).

Do you have anything you can share on the topic of UFO cults or UFO religions? I would be really interested to see it.

Does anybody here have a personal connection with Heaven's Gate itself? Their website is still active and you can correspond with the one or two people "left behind". They are helpful, in their own way. They recommend reading their own book as well as the one by Benjamin Zeller (both included here).

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HEAVEN’S GATE, a small American UFO cult, achieved worldwide notoriety in March 1997 when the leader and his thirty-eight followers committed mass suicide in Rancho Santa Fe, California. The bodies, dressed in black uniforms and covered with purple shrouds, were found lying on bunk beds and mattresses throughout the group’s seven-bedroom mansion. The suicides had been carefully planned, and law enforcement investigators found no evidence of violence or coercion. After ingesting barbiturates and alcohol to induce drowsiness, the members had pulled plastic bags over their heads and suffocated as they fell asleep. Once free of their human “containers,” they expected their souls to be lifted up to a spacecraft that would take them to a physical heaven, the Level above Human. There they would be given new androgynous bodies and assume the task of guiding the evolution of life on other planets throughout the universe.


I remember this. I was in my teens at the time, but recall seeing it on the news as well as lots of stories about that comet. I happened across the original initiation tapes the cult leader made and were later digitized and uploaded to a torrent tracker years ago. I am not sure I would watch that now, but the story is certainly interesting.

UFO contactee cults have been a thing I guess since the beginning of the lore. Starting with George Adamski and some say in modern times with Steven Greer's CSETI and other organizations like that. Whitley Strieber himself has admitted to childhood interference with military groups doing various types of experimentation on him that led to his alien contacts as well.

The UFO phenomenon is really through the looking glass. Hard to tell what is really going on there...

I included Applewhite’s series called “Beyond Human” — is that the initiation series you saw?

Hale-Bopp was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I even saw a shooting star beside it...very memorable :)

Yes, I can see what you mean by Greer’s meditation might very well be related to the contact from the Next Level that Applewhite was on about.

What childhood interference does Strieber talk about? I am just learning about him now.

I certainly have had really good creative success meditating on different points of contact with spiritual beings. You can ride that wave pretty far! (35 minute audio)


01/09/10 Subscriber Special: Whitley Strieber's Childhood Tragedy

Whitley Strieber writes, "For years, I have grappled with strange memories from early childhood that suggested involvement in some sort of abusive program. But I was never sure what these memories meant, until, in December of 2009, I received corroboration that has shocked me deeply."

Listen as Whitley details his memories, and also discusses just why it is that he feels that organizations like the False Memory Syndrome Foundation are not to be trusted.

There is evidence that children have been abused in efforts to induce split personalities, among other things.

What Whitley has to say will shock you. It will anger you. But it will also inform you about a hidden area of life that cannot continue to be overlooked, and a practice that must be stopped.

TheCorsair00 wrote:

The UFO phenomenon is really through the looking glass. Hard to tell what is really going on there...

This will be a good one to add to our collection. Publication date is set for next month:

Many thanks for the upload. I was listening to an interview a short while ago where it was said that Willie Brown who was one of Jim Jones henchman and who is still in politics this day, had a sordid affair with Kamala Harris. I gather Brown advised Harris not to take the position of Vice President. Also Pelosi and Feinstein where connected to the cult back in the 70's.
Strieber explains his early encounters in his books Communion and Transformation, which were both excellent.

cheers, folks. that was really interesting to read about Willie Brown! Had no idea about the connection to Jim Jones.

I have started reading Strieber's "A New World". I like it better than Communion and think it is more relevant.

Have you seen this post about the Harvard Chair who thinks we have 2017 observations of an alien vessel:

I'm undecided on that evidence. Typically what happens is that we see what we want to see.

But I am loving this idea of connecting Greer & Applewhite. Applewhite would have been too old school for me: who wants to sign up *exclusively* with a crank who thinks he's the chosen one (cough, David, churtle, Koresh)? Meanwhile, Greer offers a more "democratic" approach to the Next Level. I can build on that idea.

euxconcen wrote:

who wants to sign up *exclusively* with a crank who thinks he's the chosen one (cough, David, churtle, Koresh)?

Koresh didn't think he was "the chosen one" but the people who had to cover for the murders of him and his followers want you to think that.

ConCen wrote:

Koresh didn't think he was "the chosen one" but the people who had to cover for the murders of him and his followers want you to think that.

I'm pretty sure he would count himself among the faithful, ie. the chosen. Why don't you think so? To be clear, I am not saying that either Koresh or Applewhite claimed to be Jesus but Applewhite thought he and his wife were the "two witnesses" in Revelations. That is part of the reason they called themselves "the two". Similarly, Koresh claimed that god told him which wives to take (there's that sex thing again) and he also interpreted Biblical references as referring to him.

Regardless, you raise an interesting point: what do you consider "original Davidian writings" that has not been doctored by the State or modified by his followers? I and others here (evidently) are genuinely interested in the topic and that would be a grand resource to make available and to clearly distinguish from the works about him.

Separate from that, what do you consider "fair reporting" on him that was written or assembled by others? I ask because I was also considering putting together a collection on him so this is a good place to start.

PPS -- Nice to hear your view! I take it you have more than a passing interest in understanding cults and cult-behavior, too?

euxconcen wrote:

I'm pretty sure [Koresh] would count himself among the faithful, ie. the chosen. Why don't you think so?

He was a devout Christian, but that's not how I interpret the term "the chosen one".

I watched a few hours of him discussing the seven seals with the Davidians. He came across more as a student than a prophet; he seemed far more humble than the average evangelist preacher.

As for the assault, siege, and deliberate incineration of the Davidian compound, it was obviously murder covered up by cowards. Koresh was going to leave the compound peacefully, so the murderers had to take him out the day before, even if that meant murdering women and children. Because of the actions of the ATF and FBI in 1993, millions of people woke up to how evil elements within the government were, and how the rest let them get away with it,

The guy George Fruend, who claims info on Willie Brown has posted a link to a documentary on the subject - may be of interest. Not sure if this video is one of the same you uploaded, as not had the chance to view.

Thanks! I'm enjoying the video. Just to clarify, this collection is *not* about the "People's Temple" by Jim Jones, it is about "Heaven's Gate" by Marshall Applewhite. Ironically enough, only one week before Heaven's Gate made the news in 1997, the "Order of the Solar Temple" by Luc Jouret Joseph Di Mambro came to their own end. All three groups came to apocalyptic ends but they are all distinct groups and personalities. One of the things that distinguishes Heaven's Gate from most others, though, is the sex-less nature of it -- it couldn't be further from NXIVM!

I have been considering uploading my entire cult collection. Just takes time to sort through the files but it is a great opportunity for me to clean things up on my end, too.

Your collection sounds interesting.