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Brexit vote prediction

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Brexit vote prediction

Apparently the vote is neck and neck*. I'm therefore predicting that the vote will go for "remain", because they will succeed in committing massive vote fraud. As usual, the people will allow it to happen.

*Some sources, like Google, are saying it's not close at all - the Brexit side will win by a landslide. WTF is going on?


leave seem to be holding it.
Scotland has solidly voted remain and thus if England sway the vote to leave.
This then gives the SNP the mandate to put forward another independence referendum!

The Scotland Act 2016

There's the interesting thing about Scotland and their "Parliament". In reality, because the UK (Westminster) Parliament is sovereign and unable to ever make a legislation which stops a future government (or the same one) from revoking it, or changing it through further legislation (implied repeal), the reality remains that Scotland has no real power other than that which is "loaned" to them.

It must also be noted that the Scotland Act 2016 did not incorporate the Scottish Parliament as having no legislative power with regard to independence. It merely says that it would be left to the people to have a referendum (though it never defines "people" within the act either, which may on the surface seem trivial, but is very irregular with regards to such paramount legislation.

The Scotland Act 2016 in effect has no effect, particularly S.1 and S.2, simply because the UK Parliament always remains sovereign, and as such cannot limit its future decisions by the passing of present ones.

Leave have won

I guess the fraudsters couldn't overcome the tide of people pissed off at the Brussels leeches on their back.


Eric Blair
Zionists are crashing the pound

The Zionist NWO swine are not happy campers today. WW3 is on the way.

Still Voting?

Democracy is dead.

How are the votes being counted?

Might want to re-examine this debacle.
Ireland says "Yes" to Lisbon

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