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Finding a good FPS game these days

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Finding a good FPS game these days
Combine with this guide (if necessary):

"smashly at" wrote:

Open FC3.dll (if running in DX9) or FC3_d3d11.dll (if running DX11) from the mod in your hex editor.

Do a Hex Search (Ubi values)
For FC3.dll: 010000008B0D4C8AE511E8F524F5FF
For FC3_d3d11.dll: 010000008B0D5C70E611E8A624F5FF
If you find those hex values then it means the DLL is set to use Ubi ubiorbitapi_r2_loader.dll and uplay_r1_loader.dll.

Do a Hex Search (Rld Values)
For FC3.dll: 050000008B0D4C8AE5119090909090
For FC3_d3d11.dll: 050000008B0D5C70E6119090909090
If you find those hex values then it means the DLL is set to use Rld ubiorbitapi_r2_loader.dll and uplay_r1_loader.dll.

Those hex values are based on v1.05
The values are different in other versions eg: 1.01, 1.02, 1.03, 1.04

I'll upload the edited dll for Ziggy 2.52 Hardcore mode dx11 version (for 1.05) if anyone wants it. Once again cheers!
It's easy enough to swap the values that I've posted.

I don't remember how it went exactly, patching it and how it interacts with the version, but I did get it running this way, last time around...Plus, it's a rather good game and I would actually buy it...Did you know games run on GNU/Linux these days rather well, too? Maybe not the latest DX13 Giga-CGI release on premier-day, but still, good enough, especially if you're paranoid about Windows Backdoors, or whatever else. is an excellent piece of software to try this out with, if you're new to this...
Crossover 19 (for Linux) is available on magnet as: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:03D732BA6299FEF2089CCC80DDED62CAEE5DCB3C&
Copy from Crack/ to /opt/cxoffice/lib/wine/, overwrite with the adequate permissions after installing, the usual.

Does anyone have a newish

Does anyone have a newish gaming computer with a top of the range graphics card? I need to run something for about a day that is going to take two months on mine.

Some PS4-related service that no longer exists AFAIK

Mine are old...for the most part...What for, though, if I may ask? Couldn't you rent one of those VPS things or whatever for processing power? I'm assuming it can be done. I've only been able to use old laptops for the most part, because of local space constraints. In fact, I remember one of those services from way back when, which sony bought and thus nullified, I think, some sort of video-game-playing streaming-service, you have a shit-computer, but stream the game via a high-end computer elsewhere...What was it called?


the serious sam games are OUTSTANDING FUN! and the bundlke comes cheap on steam as serious sam 4 is due out in august. I also believe that they are on steam for linux too.
The serious sam games will run on pretty much anything, except , i imagine for the new one coming out.
there are a few streaming services now google stadia, Nvidia do Geforce Now and a few others

I'm more of a FIFA guy. MW3-2 on alteriw still kicking

It was Gaikai. Problem with these is, I would have plenty to play, but I'm just too occupied with other matters.
Rooms a mess so it kinda ruins the whole mood for playing for the time being...Dunno how the services are today.
Had a really bad computer, but could play a game on max settings with little to no problems whatsoever...too bad.
I looked at Heroes MMH5.5 and that is the kind of game I reckon has so much replay value I could play for years...
I wanna go racing too....bought one of those wheels I wanted for a long time, Logitech G-series, 27 I think it was...
It's been standing in the cupboard waiting for it's turn for the past....year or so, but at least I have it ready for later.
Left 4 Dead online was rather great, loved the tactical implications of FPS warfare and flying around walls with a hunter
Still haven't gotten around to giving Neverwinter Nights a proper look, nor even a decent play-through for Skyrim.
The game was so addicting I realized I better delete it in case I want to avoid troubles with time consumption...and...
I'm still not through Junior High nor Skyrim itself...Those F1 games, some of them have some sort of modding communities,
so does FIFA. There's these modifiable algos to train and play around with, which can be immensely useful. Like, TDU.
Test Drive Unlimited, the original. They've got car packs and all sorts of good shit there...One of the best by feel in my opinion.
Have a small collection of games on Steam as well, many of the classic GTA games, all useful in that category as well, nostalgia.
Plus some of them have some really fine tuning characteristics for modelling purposes, i.e. build a car and convert it for another title.
You know, like a texture pack of mega-detail or something, Juiced 2 was definitely one of those...really killer tuner race game.
It's been so long I probably want to play through the stories of the original Call of Duties as well, up until....The original Black Ops.
Turn-based-wise, Divinity: Original Sin was really good, wanna give it another go (and the sequel, a rare sight these days to be good, eh?). Plus, even with emus, stuff like Star Ocean: The First Departure and Second Story, are rather interesting story- and gameplay-wise.
Heck, even the original Abe-slavery series is one hell of an experience, provided it wouldn't creep me out as much as I imagine it would...You know, the one with the Green men, with sewn mouths like Mr. Anderson in the matrix in tactical Exodus/Odyssey warfare...
I'd have a PS3, just to mod it and play GT5, a PS2 just to soft-mod it with a memory card and install a hard drive for loading ROM-images, for whatever, a PSP for those good native games (and PS1 PSX-PSP images) like Tekken (for replay value and training), Gran Turismo (Not much of a story, but good sim experience nonetheless), stuff like Ratchet and Clank there was a good first play on it...OH I HAVEN'T EVEN PLAYED ANY OF THE WITCHER SERIES, WHEE! The Tony Hawk Underground-Pro Skater (4) series might deserve a, the Mafia series, even the first one, is one hell of a game, much like Porsche 2k Unleashed has physics and graphics so terrible I might just consider seeing if I can actually get anywhere in the game itself at all these days, purely out of athletic interest...
Just Cause was a funny one, still havent played The Third...The Driver series, likewise. It's just too much for me...Even in RuneScape, I still haven't gotten around to player-killing at any acceptable level of experience nor have I managed to churn a profit at the Duel Arena.
What-do-i-do-what-do-i-do I better go outside and play some real sports, because exercise and eating organic improves game performance on the keyboard...I better go get some fresh air and start installing games on the GNU/Linux and see where they're at with their....latest and greatest in directX developments such as DXVK along with Crossover...I'm probably going to postpone playing anyway....

consoles! Consoles!

I is mit ze PC masterrace for gaming mate!

Abe's continuum transfunctioner
pax wrote:

I is mit ze PC masterrace for gaming mate! prime example of mine control -- from the point of view of the mine they just feel touched
I looked at "Dude, where's my car?" and realized it could be either...
I figured it would make sense for it to be one of those AIO vaporizer sticks like the men in black usually have
But trying to get one of those in the year the movie was made sounds rather difficult all things considered...
Just see if the movie makes sense if most people there were in nicotine withdrawal wanting to avoid cigarettes

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