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Here's a weird one for you

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Here's a weird one for you

this is a video my sister took 23/7/2016 at 15:38
no camera trickery (she has the tech skills of muppet)!Av3n8ELiCMuEn4Af6DHZLRub2rzaJg?e=uELPJe
thought this might be a nic e wee intriguing distraction.
This was filmed in New Road in Newton on Ayr looking out over Newton shore towards the Isle of Arran on the West coast of Scotland
BTW not a trick not a trick question.. no fucker knows what it was

Press from the time

apart from that there's really not much mention in the press about it at all

I saw this before

During the NATO bombing of Serbia 1999, I saw this it's unmanned aerial vehicle. Military doesn't love publicity.

license and registration, please
I saw these in my childhood.

As a kid, growing up near Salisbury plain, there were many of these, just floating in the sky. Sometimes they would move, darting around faster than a plane or helicopter could.

There was usually a small child tethered to them, sometimes an adult. We used to call them "kites". The three-wing variety is used by surfers.


too big and also.. who surfs onto rocks? Newton shore is all rocks. ayrshire is certainly not very known for surfers plus it was about 3 miles or so out to see.
look at my sisters video again and you'll see that the cruise ship is just over a mile away and the floaty flying fucker is further on than that.
in the advert for the surf kite things.. it's just showing the three colour schemes not a triple kite bud. so no match at all on shape or size with that idea though
my sisters place then was on the corner of Peebles Street and New Road,-4.6293102,62m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en
have a look at the "beach" or lack of beach in front of it and for quite some distance on Newton on Ayr side of the harbour.


they are not necessarily kite surfing, just flying the thing.

Perhaps it's lifting a camera or weather equipment.

Either way, there are two options
a) ToP SeKreT military drone, that no-one has ever seen, despite it being flown in full view
b) Kite


not a kite bud.
Dunno what it is. the weird thing is the lack of reporting even to debunk in some way.
Military wise on the West it's Mostly Navy with the Subs at Faslane and the big ass Navy Ordnance depot , oh and the soon to be opened again RAF base at Machrihanish (old cold war RAF station for the reception and movement of Nukes). there's civvy activity at it now but apparently soon to be made operational again.
As to what it is.. I genuinely don't know but I am fairly confident that we can rule out a kite because one that size would need several metric fuck tonnes of weight to anchor it and would need multiple anchors to hold it that steady on a West coast sea wind.

this is it from a different angle showing it over the sea with the cruise ship below and thus showing scale better

if you look at my sisters video you'll see the object is not above the ship, it just looks like it from this angle

but look

it's hovering, but is clearly not a chinook.

Barring some antigravity technology, it's clearly a kite.

The reason it's not moving is because the wind is steady and it is tethered.


ok with something that size then bud.. where are the tethers. they'd have to be damned hefty and thus fairly visible.
I can't see any from any of the footage available
I am gonna see if my sister has still got the other footage.
It didn't stay stationary and she had footage of it moving. I am nipping her head to get hold of that pictures and video she has on it.
I genuinely have no clue, don't think it's alien, don't think it's a kite..I am not busting yer balls.. just don't know what the fuck it is with any degree of certainty

thing is

the fact that we can both see different things just shows we don't know.

I think it's really hard to hide a secret military craft like that, if it was floating above a town in Scotland it would be all over the media.

The simplest explanation is that no-one else bothered to photograph the kite.


it's just too weird and non covert shape for anything military.
Interesting you hammer away at that point after the "we don't know".. that made me smile
there were other photos, there were reports.
no debunks, no explanations either
My sister is hunting out the other video where she has it moving.
i'll keep nipping her head about it


wee point to note. As Newton Beach and the surrounding area are in the flightpath for Prestwick airport so big ass kites would be banned in imagine as they are in the flight path

Looks like some kind of kite

Looks like some kind of kite or float.

aceto wrote:
aceto wrote:

Looks like some kind of kite or float.

can't be a kite bud. Othat's in the direct flightpath for Prestwick international airport.
folks still talking about it in Ayrshire but there was never any explanations. just a few reports here and there with no follow up


I mean, maybe it's a top secret, government kite.

Or an extra-terrestrial kite. No-one can prove the kite's planet of origin.

It was Steven Greer...

Close encounters of the fifth kind.


as I said, I don't know what it is and neither do you
Kite.. nope... something that size in the flight path of an international airport? I think not and that would have deffo been explained in the reports.
If it was Steven Greer there would have been a fake alien baby ;)

tell her to

tell her to download the app from the app store
like apple or play store
or illegal if you can
then watch the,,, what was it called, videos from the user manual
somewhere they are really easy to access weird videos good points
serious allegations of cia weather balloons
it's called "ET Contact app" and you meditate on it to get there
to the videos that is

where is the whipped cream-containing
weather-sized inhalant containers of
drugs like freon
big balloon fulls

there's a bit of me

that REALLY wants it to be something to do with Batman! lol

looking up hilarious evidence claims


crystalfarm45 wrote:
crystalfarm45 wrote:


i have no idea what you mean bud

Weather balloons are reconaissance equipment, hot air travels

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