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Scotland votes today!

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Scotland votes today!

Today Scotland takes an historic vote for Independence. For many, like me, who have been campaigning for years for independence it's a very nerve racking time!
I was kinda ok till I stuck the slip into the ballot box now i am an utter bundles of nerves!
I am off again as i am also an observer and have to travel across the city to another polling station to do that. You're not allowed to be an observer at your own polling station apparently. Then after that I'll be at the count at Ingliston ( here )where the royal highland show is held.
The results are expected to be announced around 6am tomorrow.
Exit polls are baing taken and also we will be tallying up the counts from each electoral area as they come in.
Ingliston is where all the ballots from all around Scotland will be helicoptered in as each individual count is completed.
The thing that bothers me is that there will be no recounts for any disagreement on numbers ,only with questions on process.
But we have plenty observers and hopefully all will go well.......
anyway i will see if i can get round to posting here when i have the chance and/or get my head round to posting!
just nipped home to try and eat something and have a coffee plus make a big flask of coffee for later....
hopefully I will be able to post that Scotland will be independent soon!

Good luck!

The world is watching. This could be the start of a stampede of people throwing off the yoke of unaccountable governments...

Edinburgh count started

And other council areas votes are enough route.
Problems apparently with the votes from the southern Hebrides islands votes. A plane was meant to get them to Edinburgh but the islands are fog bound.... so they will be brought by fucking fishing boat to the mainland then helicopter.
Turnout is indeed fucking HUGE, as it should be.
Will try to post now and then during the night.
Cheers nibs btw, much appreciated.
If you see any video of the ingliston count area then I'll be in the background somewhere...

Over 800 jounros from all

Over 800 jounros from all around the world at the national count centre where I am... great interest from Catalonia and the Basques.. the wall street journal and as well as NY times and Washington post.. there's also some arseholes from
It's a crazy feeling here... e everyone from both sides would agree the tension is tangible.
Just got word... it's estimated ,over 4,200,000 People have voted....
That level of turnout is unheard of..

Easy Skanking
Fuck....... not looking good

Trend seems to be 55 no 45 yes
Only 6 results to come in....
Not feeling good..
1,200,000 odd to 1,000,000 odd

Well no is now 220,000 votes

Well no is now 220,000 votes ahead...
I have a sadness building and it's deffo not looking good for independence.
However ... with a bit of hope I Wait the results of the rest

Easy Skanking

I'm seeing videos surfacing that indicate there may be fraud at worst and incompetence at best.

Ahhh shit... the no campaign

Ahhh shit... the no campaign go over the line to win after the Fife vote.
I am gutted to say we lost.....


Scottish referendum: Suspected electoral fraud in Glasgow probed
Officials at the referendum count in Glasgow have said they are investigating 10 cases of suspected electoral fraud at polling stations.
It is thought to be related to possible cases of impersonation, where people pretend to be someone else and cast a vote, then the real person turns up.
The 10 suspect votes were cast at a variety of different polling stations across the city.
Glasgow City Council said police had been called earlier on Thursday.
Each ballot paper has an individual number attached to it, so officials will now have to sort through the ballots and attempt to find these 10 papers.
They will then be removed, and kept separately from the more than 486,000 ballot papers being counted in Glasgow.
Colin Edgar, head of communication at Glasgow City Council, said the search for the ten ballot papers "will not delay the count".
Police Scotland said any crime committed would be appropriately investigated.
A spokesman added: "Police Scotland takes the safety and security of the independence referendum extremely seriously and is working with partner agencies including local authorities to ensure the integrity of the ballot."

nofunclub wrote:
nofunclub wrote:

Scottish referendum: Suspected electoral fraud in Glasgow probed

Here is a breakdown by district:

Glasgow voted Yes anyway.

It's time to start a campaign for Glasgow & Dundee Independence!!

Wow! A picture is worth 1000 words

This is more blatant than what goes on here in the U.S. I believe that most, if not all of, the elections (in the U.S.) have been rigged for at least 30 years.

and also

there have been cases of people turning up to vote and other people had voted in their place... many more than the mere ten mentioned in glasgow

news in as it happens

unionist have been throwing flashbangs and smoke grenades at pro-indy supporters... the ugly side of unionism reveals itself again...
trying to find a link to put here for you

Easy Skanking
"No" votes

Seems legit... ;)

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