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Emergency! Nibs is being evicted!

I hate to have to swallow my pride and beg for donations from you, the loyal ConCen user base. However, circumstances pretty much force me to. Since I took over management of the site, I've never needed money more acutely than I do right now.

Due to a surprise ruling by an Ontario tribunal*, I'm being thrown out of my dwelling at the end of January. I have no money to pay the inevitable first and last month's rent I'll need to get a place by then. If you haven't donated yet, please consider it now.

* The landlord decided he was going to evict everyone (10 tenants) and move him and his family in. I was told by professionals that deal with these matters that because he's converting the building to single family use (it's currently 10 separate units) the landlord has to give 120 days notice and 3 months of rent as compensation. The tribunal ruled that this was not true!


Well that sucks, sorry to hear that dude. I'd help out if I could but I've not worked in 3 years, I spend most of my time trying to figure out how to fix chronic illness with vitamins and herbs :)

Best you can do is get everyone in the building organised and negotiate a better deal together. Hope you figure it out.

btw I used to make loads of money online, before I got ill. If you can figure out a stable living situation as a base you seem like the sort of smart guy who can figure that kind of thing out.

The hearing was the 6th. The tribunal sided with the landlord. We're all homeless at the end of January, either voluntarily or via Sheriff...

But you get your deposit back and everything? You have a job? Your worry is basically cashflow?

My job pays only enough to barely live on, no more. I'm scrambling to find a better one, but it's crazy right now. Plenty of jobs but they all pay diddly.

I just donated 100 through PayPal. Hope that helps!

It helps monetarily but most importantly, for peace of mind. You're a ConCen hero!

How goes the battle so far?

I'm very appreciative of the donors, but there aren't that many of them. It looks like I'll be in serious trouble come February 1st. At least the server rent will be paid!

I guess you are out several hundreds of dollars. Hope you find a cheap place to rent before February!

I'd like to send you a something small - I'm in Aussie, so Paypal would be the easiest for me.

I wonder if the new dwellers will be Canadian?

Okay nibs it appears you are in luck. I was recently guided to dump my hard drives storing Satan's (hollywood) crap. I have like 14 in total or something. The marjority of them are 8TB. I will sell and ship to any one supporting this initiative one of said hard drives for $111.11 free north american shipping included. Don't you love the genius of Jesus? The hard drives store stuff that leads people to him and nibs gets helped out? Beautiful LMAO <--- retail example <--- I'm not kidding

I will have to collect the money first and pull the shipping costs out but anything after that is yours bud.

I suggest you get a job sir I only have so many hard drives to spare LMAO

God speed

Awesome sauce!!

Is still too late to keep Concen open?

I didn't think it was in danger of closing?

Hey nibs did you find a solution? Hope so.

Rent is expensive as fuck since I last looked. Why am I living in this overpriced city?

Including the price of moving and the first month of rent for a bachelor suite or shared house or basement suite etc (plus damage deposit), how much more money do you figure you'd need? In the range of 1000 to 2000 or so?

That's got to be the biggest donation I've received by a mile! You've singlehandedly taken me from a worried state of mind to relaxed and happy for the first time in MONTHS!

I'm so happy I'm going to blow it all on a frilly dress! WooHoo!!!!!!


But seriously, I'm gonna look sensational in it!!

OK, just kidding. ConCen will be better once I get settled in my new place, thanks to you. A frilly coder is a happy coder!

Hope all goes well for you. It's around that time, I guess...

" the landlord has to give 120 days notice and 3 months of rent as compensation. The tribunal ruled that this was not true!" - sad to now that THE LAW is as honest in your country as everywhere. I wish i could decribe in words how I feel about this. But I am happy... that I cannot. To me, Law was onest, but I am the rare case. They could put me in, for working above my paygrade. I was working more then i have the righ by papers (by a fake law who is anulated now), so I should go in prison for that. Sad thing but... happy me to not be so in my today reality. You are a wise pearson for not insisting on the landlord shit opinions. Obiously he has friends in hyght places. I just wanted to say that.