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Tell me something i don't know...

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Tell me something i don't know...

What should I watch, or listen to, or read? (that's my order of preference for learning something new as I have neurological issues from mercury fillings, which is what set me down this whole rabbithole)

  • I know everything is energy, consciousness is imbued in the fabric of the universe
  • I know war is a racket
  • I know climate change is pretty suspect, etc
  • I know vaccines cause autism, SIDS, asthma, eczema, etc
  • I know every disease has a nutritional deficiency at it's root and a nutritional cure
  • I know not to drink too much sugar, aspartame, caffeine, carbonated drinks, colours, etc
  • I know drugs aren't as damaging as criminalisation of drugs
  • I know psychedelics are a gateway to another world
  • I know banks create money out of thin air and this keeps us in slavery
  • I know terrorism is largely manufactured, etc
  • I'm even pretty sure there is something pretty fishy about the holocaust at this point

What am I missing lol

zoopenhoff wrote:
zoopenhoff wrote:

What am I missing lol

  • The healing properties of hobo piss
My friend's mum drank her own

My friend's mum drank her own piss for her cancer, and got better.

I think it's probably good for certain things. But I'm not going to do it. Thanks. Any more?


Corruption in Big Pharma and psychiatry is always worthwhile:

the drugs don't work, they just make you worse...

Thanks, that's right up my street. I'm already a believer but I didn't watch that doc yet.

wait this is scientology,

wait this is scientology, right? :) :) :)


They are loosely affiliated with Scientology, but in my personal opinion their stance against psychiatry is legit.

Most of scientology is

Most of scientology is awesome too, btw. A few bad apples, but L Ron himself wasn't rotten to the core.

oh fuck me

Scientology is fucking b ullshit invented by a bullshit artist who wrote shit sci-fi.
it is 100% made from pure unfiltered bullshittium.
it is far removed from a good thing, they don't promote good things, they are a pyramid scheme cult of total fucking cunt faced fuckwits.
i hope David Miscavige's next shit is a fucking porcupine backward. He;s a twisted, lying fuckbag cult leader

I agree with you about David

I agree with you about David Miscavige.

Nah, Ron Hubbard took the best stuff many different areas and wove them together to make especially the earlier parts of scientology so people could make good gains early on and think they'd found something amazing.

I think you're probably relying on 3rd party information, I've done a couple of courses, had some auditing, and read some of the books, listened to loads of Rons lectures too.

sorry bud but

I wouldn't advise it. I base this on my cousin whose head was royally fucked up by Scientology and luckily got out.
It isn't legit, the guy was a conman who ran an infiltration program in to get people into US Govt positions.. this is established fact. Who invented a shed load of bollocks..... with an impossible origin story that had earth existing BEFORE ANYTHING EXISTED! Now there's some sound thinking for yah!
It's actually illegal in a few countries too and in my opinion a blatant load of bollocks.
L ron was a fucking raging nutbar tax dodging , lying, freaky, twisted,litigation mad,criminal, power crazed cult leading, self proclaimed god..really? it can suck my Scottish balls. may he have Tabasco after the shitting of the backwards porcupine.
Finally, The Closeted one,Tom Cruise make a total mad cock of himself in that Scientology video.. only they can save the world... my aching Scottish anus! As we say here in Scotland.. he's quite a wee fanny*

*we have quite a different meaning

EDIT to add. Leah Remini certainly isn't a third party nor is Marty Rathbun, Jenna Miscavige Hill ,Amy Scobee,Jason Beghe,Mike Rinder,Tom De Vocht, Paul Haggis,Ron Miscavige... all high profile and what they say doesn't paint a pretty picture.. even down to Miscavige's own father and daughter ffs!

you're right.

going back to my original post, what are the gaps in my knowledge, things I should research? (apart from Scientology)

try nietzsche

First, the positive:
I applaud your effort to try to engage the community here. And I also applaud your effort to learn more about your blind spots. Good for you.

On the first point, I am gonna guess that you've been around the net for a while because you reference Yahoo Directories. Anyone here remember Hotline in the old days? That was the first cool P2P tool I used back in '98 (and that survived the fall out of Napster). Hotline had a great bulletin board and people were fairly engaged. Sadly, I suspect that because these posts are fairly accessible to a bunch of lurkers we're not gonna see much overt discussion. I could be wrong; I hope I am wrong; but I think not.

So the second point (breaking out of blind spots) is rather contingent on the first point (valid feedback from others). And since the first one is weak the second one is not looking good, my friend.

But I'll bite, as best I can.

Try Nietzsche. Start with the Gay Science or Human, All Too Human. Only read Kaufman's translations. And really think about what he's saying.

For the rest, I have no idea about your blind spots. Why not just start a discussion and see where it goes? Truth, whatever else it is, happens in its own time and at its own pace.

>I know climate change is pretty suspect, etc
Climates change, that's fairly undeniable: by my count there have been seven distinguishable ice ages in earth's past. We are still in an ice age, technically, but just happen to be living in an interglacial warm spell within it. Everything that is good and bad about our species has happened in the small window of this warm spell. The hell that will eventually come will NOT be hot, believe you me.

>I know vaccines cause autism, SIDS, asthma, eczema, etc
Hard to follow the logic here. If a flu vaccine contains a weakened strain of the flu then you are saying that the flu itself causes autism. Huh?

>I know every disease has a nutritional deficiency at it's root and a nutritional cure
I'd add that every disease has a "walking deficiency syndrome" component. But food and exercise can't be separated.

As for Scientology, Hubbard's a pretty smart guy and why people fall for his trap, I can't understand, though the pattern is by now a proverb. He wrote some very conventional sci-fi back in the day and then figured out a formula to increase his bank roll. Sadly, my guess is that he was laughing all the way to OT.

Great recommendations here,

Great recommendations here, just to follow up on one point you made:

euxconcen wrote:

If a flu vaccine contains a weakened strain of the flu then you are saying that the flu itself causes autism. Huh?

The trouble is, that's not the only thing that's in a flu vaccine... look up the ingredients.

If that gets you curious, check out the movie 'Bought' and the documentary series "Vaccines Revealed", both are really good.


Gelatin... from ground up pig bones.

Chicken egg proteins...

I wonder how many vegans realize that.

Thanks for sharing. One blind spot down. 9999999999999999 more to go!

Gelatin... from ground up pig

Gelatin... from ground up pig bones.

Chicken egg proteins...

I wonder how many vegans realize that.

yes they do and never shut the fuck up about it..LOL


copy that

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