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My experience from the 911 attacks

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My experience from the 911 attacks

My experience from the 911 attacks

I don't know why I was waking up so early this morning.
I can hardly call the 4 hours in bed sleep.
I turned on the tv and my computer on the way to the toilet.
My last coffee was cold,
it tasted like cold coffee.
my phone modem tried desperately to connect to
and I have just seen a passenger plane crash into a skyscraper,
live on Fox news.
When WTC2 fell, I needed air.
The coffee was still cold, my modem was hot and I was speechless.
At least the air was fresh.

They where having discussions on all my TV channels.
My antenna found 4 of them.
2 channels was discussing the advantages of owning the ButtBuster
1 channel was showing the crash & fall while announcing
the upcoming special news special, sometime later
and on FOX news, a General was argumenting the necessities of
nuclear retaliation.
Osama BinLadens face was staring at me from a small square
in the corner of the TV-screen, while the rolling text informed me
about some football team loosing against some other team.

The general was nodding intimidatingly while the slick
welcomed suit tv commentator told him how right he was.
The advanced TV graphics, that normally needs a month of project management,
was showing American flags, warships, warplanes , explosions and the
well known slogans:
or something like that

During the next couple of weeks, my 4 TV channels
was showing falling buildings, explosions,
pictures of terrorists, pictures of Bush,
the world premiere of the StairMaster, for the amazing 69,95 introduction offer
and my modem finally finished downloading the cnn webpage

Guess what?
falling buildings, explosions,
pictures of terrorists, pictures of Bush,
and a StairMaster banner Ad.

Everybody agreed... : "What the f u c k just happened?
Does anyone know something?
Nobody seems to know anything!
And it seemed reasonable to bomb Afghanistan back to the stone age.
The Taliban was hitting women, they was growing drugs
and they might have secret tunnels full of
evil terrorists, all wrapped up in the latest
fashion in ExplosiWear.

Gods Own Country, The Land of Freedom was whispering:
"They are evil, they kill women and children, they have kalashnikovs
and no soul..."
and why was that so?
"They are evil Muslim Terrorists...
How do you dare to ask WHY???
How Un-American, how Un-Patriotic of you..
Where are your stars and stripes,
where are your Common Sense?"

I was also wondering where common sense was hiding!!!

I got sucked in the media

I got sucked in the media propaganda (i.e. lies).

Took two months off to think about things (I was doing a PhD, so I had the luxury of taking time...).

After thinking about things the official government version and the media propaganda seemed so very wrong, so I did my own research.

That opened the door to questioning EVERYTHING about what is "reality and truth".

Never came back to my former self and no longer "beLIEve" in things.

911 was the straw that broke the camel's back, sort to speak, as it confirmed all my suspicions regarding how we are continuously being brainwashed, and how we're just layers of mental programs sitting on top of a spiritual self that we've mostly forgot about, or been forced to forget, more or less.

Having said that, I'm not into 911 conspiracies as I see them as "cul de sacs", that are meant to "entertain" those seeking for "truth". In other words, seeing and hearing the lies and knowing we've been lied to is sufficient to provoke the change inside; we don't need to speculate on "the truth" regarding who and how 911 was executed, nor fall in the fear mongering (i.e. spiritual paralysis). This deters us from moving and remembering what is important to remember; the true spiritual self and the need to free ourselves from mental slavery and fear, and to grow in consciousness (the final step of humanities evolution).

watchdog wrote:
watchdog wrote:

the final step of humanities evolution

the last step ?
that the Human species will experience a sudden shift towards increased wisdom and spiritual counciousness ,
for the last time ever ?

as long as we exist culturally as a species ,
the level of Human Knowledge , Skills , Wisdom and spiritual awareness
will continuw to grow

we will be ok as long as we keep remembering the 1st rule of survival.



"...the last step ?

"...the last step ?
that the Human species will experience a sudden shift towards increased wisdom and spiritual counciousness ,
for the last time ever ?..."

Yes it seem like this is the direction we're destined to attain. Not to sure about "the forever" part, as things also seem to work in cycles, however I'm of the opinion that each new cycle is part of another level of "the spiritualisation of the Universe", for which humans definately have a role to play.

We've yet to fully overstand our role as we've barely begun to remember who we are, and have not yet fully experience an enlightenment civilisations comprised of mature human beings; we've been purposely kept in a state of spiritual immaturity, but it cannot be contained forever.

Don't you feel the waves getting bigger and bigger and sweeping us into another (more spiritual) direction?

Survival of what? The physical body? Are you ONLY this thing you call your body?

The Unstoppable Awakening of Humanity
I was indifferent

On 9/11 when the first plane hit I was at work in the process of stringing air lines under a brand spankin' new oil delivery truck which the company I worked for was building.
My coworker said "Did you hear that ?" referring to the announcement on the radio. He was excited and worried because his fiancee's brother was in the service and stationed in the mideast.
When the second plane hit and was announced, I could see the "conspiracy gears" turning in his eyes.
And it got worse with him as each tower collapsed.

I did not think much about it because I was sure that the powers that be would take care of the problem.
After all that is their job, right ?
( Yeah, I was a sheeple, a sheeple without TV. )

Years later I was researching something totally unrelated ( Organophosphate poisoning ) and stumbled across Letsroll's front page. There was a video of the towers collapsing which I played and I could not believe my eyes...I was positive that this conspiracy site had manipulated the video, so off I went to
Much to my surprise that video was not manipulated, and I began reading the posts on that site and trying to disprove the crap they were spewing. Five or six months later I finally signed up there, and the majority of the crap I started out trying to disprove actually had some merit.
My first post there was about a site titled "They Rule" ( Latest and, ahem, greatest version here - ) which was about how interlinked the mucky mucks of major corporations and our government are.

The interesting part was that every 9/11 related question for which I tried to find an answer, only served to generate 4 to 5 new questions, many of which are still unanswered today.
With a "cut and dry" event, that simply does not happen.

I was...

workign from my home office organising a club night as i was mostly in club promotion at the time.
I was on the phone to Allan from Torture Garden talking about which performers to have at a Fetish night I was organising when the first plane struck.....
Allan told me to turn on the TV as i would not believe what just happened..... So I did and was pretty gob-smacked.
MY first words to Allan were... "Allan.. there's going to be a big fucking war over this and then another and another"
and he said and i quote "it's all fucked mate.. all fucked"
MY Mother was over visiting my aunt and uncle who still lived in NJ after my uncle finished his service with the air force at Macguire.. he still worked there as a civilian doing pretty much the same job and my cousin Lisa lived in NY.. so i was on the phone.... no luck at all... between myself and Anna(mother of my children) we tried and tried to get through but couldn't for obvious reasons.
My mother eventually got through to me and said she was fine but that she couldn't get home. her flight home was due to be two days after 9/11 but she had to wait till 6 days after as i recall. Lisa was fine too as were her kids which was good news...

As for the conspiracy element ... I had already been introduced to conspiracy by my first ever boss, Derek , Chief photographer at the now defunct Hannah Research Institute near Ayr on the West of Scotland.. he was really big into it.
Allan was big into area 51 so.. over the next few months as things unfolded we have a good series of chats about it.
Neither of us really had much of an idea what exactly happened but we knew something was VERY not right with the official story.

Then years later i join conspiracy central and began the process of getting as much info on it as possible...
i don't buy the no plane stuff.... too many people on teh day saw planes... whether or not they were the planes with the people or not is a different story but planes there certainly was in my wee opinion.
but still... it absolutely does seem to be part of a pattern of organised events under false flags to attempt to steer events to the benefit of certain very large corporations amongst other things..
We can all feel the shape of it but i think we have still to define the sharper image as it were and get to the bottom of it........ if we can

My turn....

I was living in Chicago at the time, and in my second year at the American Academy of Art. On the eve of 9/11.... I was having a semi secretive meeting with a Jew in my bedroom !! Since this "meeting" went on until the wee hours of the night... we both decided to ditch class the morning of 9/11. We were still under the covers when our roommates came bursting through the apartment doors, calling for us. We jumped out of bed and they preceded to tell us that two planes just flew into the twin towers in New York. We were all quite shocked.... and none of us were into politics at the time. We made some calls and decided to group up at friend's place a block away, where a dozen of us spent the rest of the day in front of televisions, watching and re-watching what the talking heads were told to tell people. I wasn't seeking the truth yet in that point of my life.... but I wasn't convinced with the official story. Something about it all just seemed off.

In the coming days... security, or the sense of security.... was built up in Chicago. Daniel was working at the Aon building (a massive skyscraper downtown.) Cement barricades were put around the building, and all employees received new photo ID cards that they needed EVERY time they entered OR exited the building. Daniel KNEW it was all an illusion of security. He was angry about it.... and even joked with the new security guards about these pretend security measures. They knew he was right too.

We were living near San Francisco when America started to bomb Iraq. We watched the "shock and awe" campaign live online. The "action music" fox news was playing to their live stream of bombs dropping didn't sit right with any of us. We were all appalled with what we were witnessing. By now we were all really starting to care about what the heck was really going on.

We ate up Michael Moore's "fahrenheit 911" film... yet it hardly satisfied us. George Galloway was touring the US, doing anti-war speeches. We saw both Michael and George in Seattle. Almost immediately after that I ran into ConCen... which was almost a decade ago, and one of the BEST things that's ever happened to me!

I was well versed in conspiracy stuff by then

When 911 happened I thought it was the planned take down of the U.S. by the powers that be. After listening to countless hours of shortwave conspiracy radio in the 1990's. And viewing hundreds of hours of video tape not to mention countless hours of cassette tape programs. I thought that this was it, that they finally decided to "pull the plug". I had studied their plans, I read Perestroika Deception , I read Behold a Pale Horse, I listened to William Cooper. I thought this was going to be the complete destruction of "Babylon" (New York) and then martial law and then the rise of the AC.

When 911 happened, I heard about it on the Howard Stern show coming back from the store running an errand. I had off from work that day. This was of course when Howard was still on the FM dial, soon as I heard the description.... I turned on the local AM news station and heard them describe as the second plane hit. I was living and still am in the Midwest, I had friends back East about 30 miles from NY. I called them up and the weren't aware of what is going on. I told them to turn on the TV, they did and there was silence except for the newscast blaring in the background. Three minutes passed, I said I think you should head out of town today. Their reaction to what was unfolding on their TV was of shock and resignation. The oddest impression of it all, is not seeing any planes in the sky. Not hearing a jet or a lowly prop plane it was an eerie silence. The thing I was most concerned about was another attack or two and of course martial law.

It turned out this was just another incremental "step" leading to more rights taken away, except with higher stakes. Suffice to say, we lost more people in the war then we lost on 911. Regardless if a person has been awake for years or is inspired to start the prepper lifestyle, dyed in the wool survivalist , or just one person with a bug out bag. One can never be ready for a 911, even though we like to think we are.

While it never hurts to periodically reevaluate your "get out of Dodge" plans and go over your bug out bags. Get right with the Lord (if you believe) might be the best advice. And seek out his word. This is a spiritual battle as much as a battle to remain free as a people.

thankyou everybody for

thankyou everybody for sharing


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