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Sad News // Death of a Patriot Anthony J. Hilder

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Sad News // Death of a Patriot Anthony J. Hilder

Sad News // Death of a Patriot //

My dear friend Anthony J. Hilder passed Thursday.

He created dozens of documentaries author of the Free World Manifesto.

Media genius exposing the New World Order's origins, machinations, with face to face challenges with Deep State apparatchiks. A protege of Myron Fagan ... Audio still found on You Tube ( Red Stars Over Hollywood / Illuminati ) Worked at ending the Left Right choreographed Food Fight ... to expose the manipulators.

Check You Tube ... for his work that is still not censored.
Participated is sparking Brexit.

Helped expose the CFR, and made Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden "dance".


Sad news

Condolences to his family and friends.

Sad News

Very sad.

I listened to his audio recordings of Myron C. Fagan years ago.

He was a real pioneer.

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