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33 topics in OT, WHAT THE HECK???

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33 topics in OT, WHAT THE HECK???

33 topics in OT? It used to be in the HUNDREDS or tens thereof! Time to be a SHITLORD and SHITPOST! WTF happened? Not to criticize the new management, they know my name and I know them not, but FUCK, there were THOUSANDS of posts in "OT" once upon a time. Me thinks it's time to ruffle some feathers and shitpost as a SHITLORD.

How about a new "doxxing" sub-forum? U kno, a place to expose ANTIFA type, death-worthy cunts? For instance, cunts like Jason Devine. Local antifa leaded. Just JEWGLE him and + Calgary and + beating (or assault). Calgary DEALS with it's commies I assure you. BTW Jason, I know your new addy. ;) ;)

hmmmm for all the old posts, when we changed to the new site the old stuff was archived.
fuck off with your doxxing bullshit! there are plenty of places that will go with your flavour of bollocks and would be happy to have or already have a doxxing section to keep you happy.
this is a conspiracy site, as you should well know and conspiracy types prize their privacy and by default the privacy of others.
You can also bugger off with your twisted take of christianty as far as i am concerned. There are also plenty of alt-right and nazi sites you can go play in and indulge your bollocks at.
What you are saying is that this place no longer fits into your personal niche nor does it fulfill your personal desires or the direction you wish it to go.
anyone can post here, anyone can post their views and anyone is allowed to post a view or facts to counter it... you are just throwing a snowflake fit as the place isn't nazi enough for you.
Here's a fact for you
just so you know.. I am NOT an antifa type.. i think they are pretty much dicks and I also think social justice warriors are also pretty much mostly pricks, sheep and crusty fucks looking to get laid by other crusty fucks or pussies to scared to actually speak what they really think...
I am certainly not included in any of the above.
In sumuppence.. and with all due respect.. go fuck yourself
Jason isn't an admin here either and BTW both nibs and I were here in your time.
love and hugs

Jesus was an ADAMIITE

No Jew was ever an Israelite, and vica versa. Jesus HIMSELF told kikes TO THEIR FACE" Ye are of YOUR FATHER THE DEVIL".

NUFF SAID! He was talking TO Jews ABOUT Jews.

Fuck your perversion of Holy Scripture.

ah.. ok

so how come he claimed lineage via David and ultimately Abraham.. you know.. Abraham the Jew!
MY perversion? Sorry,not a christian either so hey..
No let's talk about your translation of the Holy Scripture...
written by Jews (1st testament) and mostly written and then rewritten and edited and translated and edited and modernised... same with the new testament which again.. written by Jews... I'll even throw Paul/Sol into that mix as he was diaspora and the Jerusalem Jews thought them less than shit as they didn't worship in the temple.
Even the the KGV is based in the Tyndale translation which was assuredly utter shite and full of trans-literary holes and gaffs and, wilful misinterpretation.

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