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silent for far too long, too pissed off to care

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silent for far too long, too pissed off to care

My eyes are failing me. Well, in reality I just need reading-glasses and a clearer screen than an S3 can provide. Thus I apologize for typos.

I don't give a flying fuck thru a round donut what the current ConCen administration thinks. They have the same ban-button I once gleefully used. Here I am, aint nothing stopping you. :)

I had a conversation with a ConCen member the other day, v2v on the archaic thing call the telephone. It was a great talk, truly it was. We did not see eye to eye about some of my heart-felt solutions. We must have been on the phone 4 or 5 hours.

I'd put forth the notion that the time for "awakening" people through education was past and without more drastic measures truthers are FUCKED. I actually advocated for measures that would strike phear into the hearts of tbose that fuck us over, insofar as targeting their kids. Well and THEM, but as my bible tells me, a corrupt tree only bears corrupt fruit.

This longtime CC member said to me in effect that targeting offspring of evil-dooers would only backfire, and have them hunting me down like a dog. Maybe aforementioned person has something at stake, perhaps kids of his/her own. Moreover, targeting the "innocent"is truly EVIL. And my fallback Biblical point was a corrupt tree bringeth forth corrupt fruit. .

Back when CC came to be, it was consensus, more or less, all we needed to do was edifying "sheeple".

Has it worked in the last 15 years?

No. The lefties have only grown BOLDER whereas they throw PISS-BOMBS on those they disagree with.

I'd like some NON-ISRAELI-PAID, SOROS-PAID TOLLS to weigh in on this.

Was it Jefferson who said that the TREE OF LIBERTY occasionally requires the refreshing of the blood of TYRANTS and patriots?

What sort of "patriot" is trigger-shy I thus ask?

if you don't like it

then are are truly free to fuck off and find something that suits your needs and inclinations more.
I am not israeli paid, not in the soros pocket and not a fucking leftie.
All i see in yor whining posts is "waaah waaah waaah.. i don't like it.. poor old snowflake me!!!"
ok then.. I an sure somebody will call you the WAAAAAHMBULANCE

Typical backhanded Pax. He

Typical backhanded Pax. He 'thinks' he's a clever fellow. Never addressing a thing I said. Got a point by point Pax? Or is that not ideally and intellectually honest enough for you?

oh dear

so here's the latest post from Ze Turd Reich!
what sort of patriot is trigger shy?
perhaps those that actually value life ..something you seem to be a stranger to.
well i am not, i served for 6 1/2 years in the Parachute regiment pal.. trigger shy i am not.
however as a trained soldier who has fired weapons in multiple theatres of war and seen what they do, I reckon a wee change of law in America to stop drunken chimps like you getting one ,not a bad idea.

We still allow guns in Scotland where i live however they are for hunting, bench resting or special issue as personal protection weapons(VERY rare). We had ONE school schooting... not any more.. the law changed, the types of weapons that could be legally owned changed... no problem.
As for dropping piss bombs... I'd cut out the little bit of rubber and just straight up piss on you and laugh whilst doing so :-)
what's absolutely fucking hilarious mike is you mentioning intellectual honesty! that some serious irony/hypocrisy right there!
That'll keep me laughing all week!

BTW it's funny how you gun lobby fans always quote a bit of Jefferson
they never mention that in that very same letter he considered the Massachusetts rebellion to be ignorant and utterly uninformed!! Perhaps you are a fan on the Shays rebellion in your ignorance eh?
now to your erm.. kind offer of coming over to national socialism.....
Erm.. no.. because I will never hero worship a man whose testicular count numbered in the singular and who didn't allow the free speech you bask in whilst vomiting onto your keyboard.
I am from a country that was fighting nazi's and most people here are not fans of it.
I am not and never have been a member of antifa.. you see they are into a form of censorship themselves and I think all voices and opinions should b e heard, no matter how fucking mental,ridiculous or just plain tits crazy it is and let it stand testament to the mind set of the people that wrote it.. not edit everything so suit any flavour of special snowflake.
It's also a pretty pretty cheap and chldish attempt to get the ban hammer to fall on you so you can go and weep everywhere about how concen is bad and full of jews/antifa/yadda yadda who banned you..Well... no ban and just keep posting and making a very public cock of yourself to the world.

I have a wee present for you......

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