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Pets at Home

Is there anyone here who owns a pet at home? Care to share a bit of an information about them? Let me start by telling you mine, I own a beautiful or rather should I say handsome Pomeranian at home. His name is Copper, and this fur baby of mine is my favorite beach buddy. He enjoys playing fetch and taking a quick dip in the salt water with a dog vest on. He surely loves the heat of the sun, and I will never get tired of bringing him along on a vacation.

I have a pet rooster named Stiffy

Here is a photo of us getting some exercise:

Awwwww I always wanted a pet Basil Brush <3

My 8kg 8yr old year old rescue cat that I adopted last year. He was so neurotic from being terrorised by previous owners ADDH grandson they were starting to think the kindest thing to do would be "put him to sleep". Personally, I woulda ditched the hyper-kid and kept the cat :-D Oh that's right... I do get to keep the cat ={^;^}=

I still don't have a name for him and I wasn't gonna call him by the undignified name from his previous pet human. He likes the sound of Italian words and he makes the cutest chirpy kitty songs... so I'm leaning towards something like Luigi (he's not prissy enough to be called Pavarotti hehe)

This is him after a year of TLC and some seriously vigorous grooming from me...


He looks like he hates getting his picture taken. Does he try to sleep on your head? I had a cat similar to yours that loved doing that.

Check out these Italian words:

What do you think? Good names for your cat?

a crazy bengal cat

was the runt of the litter and looks like a large bengal kitten

called Ziva . Very vocal but often hilarious as she's a clumsy wee shite


From our past exchanges Pax, I'm surprised you don't have a Great Dane named DILDO as well. :)

all black cat, named Midnight

I have a neutered all-black 5yo male cat named Midnight. A good friend stated "Black cats of all cats are the smartest", and went further to say he was a "Harry Potter cat". I asked what he meant and he went on to say, Gargamel (smurfs cartoon) Wilameen (Hercules cartoon) et al, all had BLACK cats. Wizard's cats as it were. Midnight fits the bill. Very dog-like, follow you like a puppy dog. Super-affectionate. He's like the black cat in a James Bond movie where the evil villain sits at his desk stroking him in a movie scene.

i suggest that..

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STFU & go have your jollies wirh Dildo the Great Dane

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i refer you to this previous answer

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