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Yet more new info on DB Cooper!

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Yet more new info on DB Cooper!

Has DB Cooper's BACKPACK been found after 46 years? FBI investigates new discovery after criminal hijacked airliner and escaped by parachute with $200,000 in cash

FBI has been given new potential evidence into the cold case investigation involving 1971 plane hijacker D.B. Cooper
Private investigators claim to have found a piece of foam they believe was part of Cooper's parachute backpack
It comes weeks after the team believe they found a parachute strap in the woods
Cooper held a plane hostage with a bomb at Seattle-Tacoma airport and demanded $200,000 cash - the equivalent of $1.2 million today
Once he got the money, he had the plane take off before parachuting out
He is believed to have died of exposure in Oregon or Washington woods
Although some money was found in a river, he - and most of his cash - vanished

I heard DB Cooper made it back to civilization but ...

... died 3 months later of Marmite deficiency.


there's just no need for marmite.. and vegemite can fuck right off as well! :P

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