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This torrent was made obsolete by this one

Anyone who downloaded this and is stuck @ 99%, just download the new torrent and point it to the same place on your disk as the last. It should finish the download. Please let us know if it doesn't!


Otherwise it becomes one big tag

This torrent seems to be missing a small amount of data, no one has 100% of the torrent. Can someone complete the seeding of this torrent?

bewilders me as i made the torrent and all the files are there....
the genuine answer is "fucked if I know!"
as i said. i originated the file, seeded it then after a restarting qbittorrent it came up with that shit.
Nibs.... what you reckon?
i would say everyone that has 99.9 has it all to be honest....
i will remake the torrent if that is what most folks want

Pax wrote:

Nibs.... what you reckon?

Try rescanning the torrent. Does it say you have 100%? Rebuild the torrent with another name and load it along side the original. See if it has the same info hash. If not, then we have an issue.

okies.. lemme rebuild , check infohash and get back to you

concen info for torrent
Creation Date 2015.06.08 15:37
Info Hash ee4bff1ebd5ceb87955513ad9bc14c6566647570
Name manly p hall

new torrent info
13/06/2015 at 12:13:50 PM

torrent info checked quickly with this

thoughts Nibs???
case as stated above. made torrent, seeded torrent. restarted qbittorrent after deciding that i needed to kick my mates anus into touch on UT2003 :P
then restarted bittorrent... 99.9% so kept seeding till there were many peeps at 99.9% as i knew I had all the files.. weird.
but the same files, same same and description and the infohash is as you can see.. different... wtf gives with that bud?

Pax wrote:

the same files, same same and description and the infohash is as you can see.. different... wtf gives with that bud?

I can only guess that the files changed after the first torrent was created. Is it possible you renamed a file, or maybe a file was incomplete?

all complete files
no renamed files
all in same categorised folders(i am an anal prick when it comes to organised folders!)
no clue man

The only other explanation is that you changed something in the info block, or the client screwed up somehow,which would suck. Do both torrents see the data as 100% done?

is at 99.

...and we'll use the new Obsolete Torrent feature to redirect people to it.

Hello, guys! Please, reseed the new torrent file, there are a bunch of people stuck at 83.3%. We'll be more than grateful!