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Anyone know what's going on? .....I received an Email from, saying: "Do you miss the old ConCen forum? Do you miss the lively discussion and interaction? We wanted to let you know that it's back up and running again at Come on back and join us.
In additional news... please know that and are not associated with each other.
If you want to ask questions or comment on this topic, vsit,
Your patience is appreciated,
Psilocybin, Easy Skanking, April, Silva, and Shinobi" Anyone know what's going on?

at a guess...

some twats playing silly buggers with the email DB from the old site

Easy Skanking
Wrong, Pax

It's legit.

Easy Skanking wrote:
Easy Skanking wrote:

It's legit.

well if this is Concern and we all know this ... then what's with you are all the others with a rival concen site?
seems like erm.. how to put it... you've stolen the ball and trying to run with it.
pretty piss poor.
and Easy Skankin.. considering what's gone on... my first assessment is right. stolen database and someone playing funny buggers

what else can you expect from moderators who tried.. lock me out of my own server months ago? They lied to the guy who was running ConCen on his donated VPS to change the root password. They claimed they had unanimous mod approval to do it, which they didn't. I got back in within a few seconds. I kept them on as mods anyway, which in hindsight was pretty silly. No wonder none of them were contributing even a single comment on the work I was doing in Drupal. They wouldn't even bother looking at the beta site I set up for testing new features.

They're using a backup of the old forum database without anybody's permission. Obviously they believe they don't need anybody's permission.

Still, it would have been nice to have found out from the perps themselves, instead of via their email campaign. But hey, I guess that's just how they roll...

You're joking, right?
Bland1900 wrote:

In additional news... please know that and are not associated with each other.

You anonymously register the same domain name, use the same site name, logos, and a stolen, published in the wild user database from this site, yet claim no association? How quaint.

Easy Skanking
Well, Tom/nibs/yeti/stiffy

Well, Tom/nibs/yeti/stiffy/etc., you have single-handedly run off almost all of the members and reduced a formerly great site to a ghost town.


You treat the members like shit and ban them when they disagree with you.
You treat the staff like shit normally and even worse when they disagree with you.
People got tired of your immature petty tyrant bullshit and left the site in droves.
We got tired of your shit and don't want anything more to do with you.
You can be a dick all you like and rule your wasteland of a site.
Now there's a place for folks that don't want to be distracted by your pettiness.

Charlie Prime
Easy Skanking wrote:
Easy Skanking wrote:

Now there's a place for folks that don't want to be distracted by your pettiness.

What place is that?

Digging up bones.

Digging up bones.


What's going on here?!

Sort it out, people!

Sort it out!


Just came back and this is sad guys... really sad.. I'm glad/grateful for the tracker thats up now but as a member since 08 its really sad to see the team split like this. Also - I used to love the black theme, idk if i had it set to go to that when i logged in or what but miss that, obv that more work needs to be done here on the new site but it works and its here and I appreciate it being available.

welcome back bud....

groovy to have you back.. and yeah total bummer about the whole schism thing to be honest.
however.. must trundle along...

I banned lots of cunts.

Not picking a bone with Easyskanhing, but my opinions as Concen FOUNDER, aint worth a pinch coon-shit now. I have no stake in things. It WAS... all caps WAS my site.... a DECADE AGO.. Now my opinions are mine and mine alone. And truthfully, I have to ask myself WTF happened? And I ask that because when I was in CTRL of this site, I made enemies, more enemies, and simply alienated others. Did I start the first footsteps on the road to perdition?

I remember back in the day there was a subforum named "the velvet glove".. That name was chosen AFTER Ieft ConCen. April's doing me thinks w/out a shred of evidence. ...just a hunch.

At any rate, WTF happened? Everyone wants to blame Tom. What about ME? Blame me if you need fo direct anger.

For fuck sakes, I was asking in the mods-only forum about promoting that (I heart putin) chick... I forget her name now... but needless to say when the site was "good" I made horrifying decisions, persuaded by alcohol more often than not.

We live in a new age now. It's and age where even "freedom fighters" don't RESEARCH. For instance I stop by Steve Quayle's site and he's referencing Susan Duclos while in a regurgitated article, she's referenced back! THAT so called news I call an INCESTUOUS RELATIONSHIP. It's almost as bad as Paul Joseph Watson quoting HIS OWN TWEETS "as opinion making" news in his own articles! YES HE DOES THAT!!! Want proof? LOLOL

The infighting needs to end. We're doomed otherwise.

it has ended

the other site went the way of the dodo and you have dug up an old thread perhaps just for shits and giggles and shit stirring..

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