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Homework Help? Would appreciate any input!

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Homework Help? Would appreciate any input!

Hi ConCen community

This is a bit of an odd request, but I'd like some input concerning a paper I'm writing for a cognitive psychology class. It's on propaganda and cognitive dimensions of political zionism. I need help in two areas, because there is just so much info to go through. 1) what are some bona fide sources that'll be helpful to include? 2) what areas are the most important to cover?

So far, here are some rough ideas:

I have articles galore, plenty of reference books, etc., but I'm just having a hard time focusing on a direction to tie this all in together. I don't want this to be cluttered with too much history, or too conspiratorial in tone. I just want to offer a sound and rational alternative perspective and critique of political Zionism that has good sources and logic tying it all together.


"perhaps the Jewish origins of the "isms" that inspired this group".

You may want to ask your beloved vice president about that one.

According to Biden is Roman Catholic.

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