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Well this is original - Just a "heads up" mods.

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Well this is original - Just a "heads up" mods.

I was just checking the LC forum and a new user's first post was for the soliciting of buying and selling of credit card info.
Needless to say a full ban ( IP, Username, and email address ) was initiated and his post was removed from the public area.
( in case the authorities need it to investigate )

Edit to add : traces back to Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

cheers bud

Much appreciated.
If you could PM a username and email that was used i will keep an eye out for it.


Can you drop your PM link in this thread ?

I know April put them all in a thread, but I don't remember which thread.

Edit to add : Never mind, I found it here -

PM will be on it's way in a minute.

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