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Testament: The Story of Moses (2024)

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Testament: The Story of Moses is an epic three-episode series exploring the life of Moses and his rise from outcast and murderer to prophet and liberator of the Hebrews. From the banks of the Nile to Mount Sinai to the Red Sea, Testament seamlessly interweaves gripping docudrama and expert interviews, revealing Moses’ intensely personal quest for redemption—setting in motion some of the most inspiring and iconic events in the Bible, Qur’an and Torah.

Directors: Benjamin Ross
Writers: Benjamin Ross, Lindsay Shapero
Producers: Kerem Ozerdogan, Sam Anzel, Fikret Manoglu, Kelly McPherson, Brian Nelson, Emre Sahin, Sarah Wetherbee
Composers: Deniz Cuylan
Cinematographers: David McFarland
Runtime: 1h 25mn
Country: USA
Language: English



in my head when my eyes passed over it , it registered in my brain as the Life of Brian then i checked the title again and laughed!

LOL, I never saw Life of Brian, but I totally remember Monty Python. It was just a couple decades before my time though.

This one was specially requested. I think it's a Dolby Atmos copy, which I am not even sure plays properly on my computer, but is very high quality, I gather...