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Android privacy tips?

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Android privacy tips?

Anyone have any suggestions to keep an android tablet from leaking information like a sieve? I'm sure Google has built in all kinds of data drains from their mobile OS, so I'm looking for ways to lock mine down.

root it

and stick on cyanogen mod....
p.s. cyanogen mod is the most secure distro around.
i am fairly sure Silent Circle use it on their black Phone

see p30

cyanogenmod is also mentioned there

rooted and modded already

rooted and modded already with a device specific version from cda developers, I just was wondering if people knew of anything specific to keep google from gaining my info. I figure there must be backdoors I can shut somehow. I already avoid the play store at all costs, but even when I sideload apps, they always have to update through and report to Play... Using an air gapped tablet seems to defeat the purpose of having a tablet at all... also, was curious if anyone knew of specific areas of privacy concerns in iOS?

Which OS are you running?

Which make/model? Did you have to get a root code from the tablet manufacturer?

I have an Asus TF701T running KitKat. I fucking hate Android. What makes it worse is that almost all the weeb sites think I'm using a phone, so it switches to a stupidly low resolution, even though my tablet res (2560x1200) is higher than my desktop! Even the Play Store Apps are phone but not tablet friendly.

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