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Cops are Cowards - by Larken Rose

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Cops are Cowards - by Larken Rose

Some excellent points here.


Well said! I could not have said anything on this video any better. Unfortunately, he is 100% correct. I've said this for 45 years, "Pigs is pigs".

Cops in Canada are not cowards

OK some are, and sometimes their department tries to defend their cowardly actions, but even the sheeple of Canada don't put up with what you coward Americans put up with.

I'm not naive. I know that the media the sheeple listen to is controlled. I know that if a cop beats down or murders someone, the establishment will circle the wagons. But I also know that if a video posted goes viral of a Canadian cop obviously using unreasonable force, they don't get away with it.

lol bro i recommended brazil

lol bro i recommended brazil police to you. they are like a fucking army

But they're fine with idiot

But they're fine with idiot crackheads running their largest city... You think Rob Ford is going to convene a special investigation into police corruption or brutality? He's probably got them raiding their evidence lock-up for party favors.

Not trying to bag on Canadians, just saying the root causes that feed into the istitutional corruption of the police in the US is global, and if citizens take the supposition of authority blindly without checking to make sure that power isn't abused, this is what you get.

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