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The Cosmic Conspiracy (1983)

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Documentary from 1983 about suppressed technology and UFOs based on Stan Deyo’s book of the same name.

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I think this is probably another rare gem from the old days of newsgroups. From what I remember, an Australian TV channel did a trilogy of shows based off of Stan Deyo's work. I think the first one was 'UFO's Are Here', then there may have been this one 'The Cosmic Conspiracy', but there was also 'The Eye of the Storm' (which is available on )

Checking it out now.

Eye of the Storm and The Cosmic Conspiracy use some of the same footage, but are supposedly different productions from way back in the day.

I really like Stan Deyo and his information. He is a legit whistleblower and even did a Dislcosure Project witness interview for Steven Greer...