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Ancient Trees Turned to Stone - Collection of 13

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This is a collection of videos depicting ancient trees that have been cut down leaving giant tree stumps as big as mountains. Some of the antedeluvian trees were broken off instead of being cut, leaving jagged edges on top instead of a smoother surface.

13 videos


great stuff, thanks again..............peace

going to check this one out for sure.

i checked it out and fook me these people are retards. they say "there is no such thing as mountains, mountains are the stumps of old silica based trees" like wtf! i smell wokeness here. there are some amazing old pictures in these doccos that are great to see but also upsetting to see that humanity has destroyed them forever. that part makes me sick and also angry! personally id steer clear of this woke stupid rubbish.

and downloading anyway. Have a good one!

pareidolia this time it's "mountains are tree stumps" ... oh dear

a lot of people are interested in checking it out for themselves, according to the downloads.

They'll make their own choices, without any prodding, whether this could be true or not.

People need access to ALL the info and options to correctly make a decision, wouldn't you agree?

your an idiot and proving it each day. now to avoid uploads by a woke silly individual called Zelda, cheers as this makes my day a little easier on concen.

No one else seems to think so. There's plenty of folks grabbing these files. And guess what, I'm going to upload a shit ton more stuff that you don't like.

Nothing "woke" about me. I don't believe that men can be women or have babies. Men also shouldn't be competing in women's sports. I don't believe women can be men either and Drag Queen Storytime is straight up pedophilia. Maybe you're into that sort of thing though.