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Req: Vision and Destiny (Jordan Peterson - Daily Wire)

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Req: Vision and Destiny (Jordan Peterson - Daily Wire)

Can everyone keep an eye out for this:

"the psychologist assesses how clarity and direction can unlock the true potential for a desired life.

Peterson has created the five-part series so viewers can learn how to discover passions, create a vision for life, and make the right choices to bring it to fruition."

Five episodes weekly, first one was out yesterday.

does anyone know...

Which groups are ripping Daily Wire+?

What are the sites on which previous stuff has shown up first, like "What is a Woman" and previous JP stuff?

JB Peterson is a Controlling Op - Amazing Polly

This guy is the ultimate snake-oil-salesman in the garden, the judas goat, just plain flakey, and overall annoying... But here's the facts jack --
Jordan Peterson's WEF Dreams - JBP is creating an "alternative to the World Economic Forum" which will offer a New Narrative for the Future. RED FLAGS abound!
Listen Bucko, Peterson is Controlled Op - Answer Comments & Going in to More Detail, Amazing Polly
more information about Jordan Peterson and his background

Well that proves it

I've always been a bit suspect of "Amazing Polly".

That settles it for me.


There should be three eps of this available now

I didn't find a consistent source of DailyWire+ rips yet


TorrentLeech appears to have the most Jordan Peterson material I have seen anywhere else, including a 2022 rip from Daily Wire. I asked the uploader if is able to share more. We'll see what happens lol

Message from TL uploader:

DailyWire+ will premier episode one, “Understanding Vision,” on February 17.

The following four episodes will be released on Fridays until March 17.

give it till april .. if you can't find it, hmu again


I'll set a reminder

any day now!

oh your friend said until April... I'll keep an eye out anyway.

I've checked TorrentLeech, TPB, IPT and btdig.

It's here...
Too bad,

They should have uploaded it to a more popular torrent site!

I've got it now

Hard to tell where they uploaded it - that site is just a meta-index like btdig.

It came through when I switched on PEX Peer-Exchange for a minute.

Thanks for the links
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