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Topic Area on the history and impact of ConCen?

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Topic Area on the history and impact of ConCen?

Has there ever been a decent discussion here on how a fair few:

- Early Conspiracy Central members seemed to have, over the years, created the basic ripples for what is now wider [and maybe accepted] 'fringe' topics ?

- Themes that were not considered 'worthy' or even alt-media 'viable' - were discussed [by written word on the forum and by the relatively earlier tracker media content] on the site from circa 2005 - being one of the foremost platforms which gradually amplified such themes?

I've not been around for a while - but I was about when the very first torrents were tested on the ConCen tracker circa 2005 [?] - I have seen both nicknames/people and topics only discussed in detail here - gradually expand into their own spheres and gain far vaster public, media awareness...

Maybe this can be a topic added to longer term - if there's any validity in my above statement...

Over but not out, shuffle

It helps that the globalists are coming out in the open

I have lost many friends over the years; some have later realized my "conspiracy theories" were right. Not many though. Most people are too proud to admit they were wrong. It's not a good attribute - that's how you learn!

Good to see you back Shuffle.

Seed Your Head

It would be great if there were a way to gauge the impact of multiples of Terrabytes of 0s and 1s of alternative media being shared around the world for almost 2 decades. I would guess it has snowballed in its own way and created different areas on the internet where bits of the multimedia has shown up, like on YouTube and all of those similar sites now. I started off focusing a lot on consciousness and the paranormal, but maybe that has always been popular - it certainly is now. The most popular torrents on ConCen right now appear to be ET/UFO documentaries...

Well overall - over the many

Well overall - over the many years, we agree that an efficient media like the ConCen torrent seeding gizmo cannot be measured in its impact to the web and thus to the wider whirrled that was slapped around by the sheer-sneaky-shots of subversive data... ;-)
The tracker was certainly one of a kind and ahead of the internet spatio/temporal timeline as planned by the Powers That Really Don't Be.

Here's one example - I spent hours reducing a VHS conversion I had of the now well known SECRET SERVICE STAND-DOWN as part of the Dallas JFK high-strangeness... This was at tracker launch when the idea of a 123MB file transfer caused wringing hands amongst even assumed 'advanced' computer/network users...

- So 2 mins showing the US Secret Service being waved off JFK's car was previously unknown to the web world - but the tracker launched that visual meme...
- I noticed years later my edited copy had been booted up to an early-ish YouTube and by say 2009 - the video had circa a million views.

So yes - the nature of ConCen and its members have birthed a system that I believe radically amplified taboo themes into the mainstream we see now.

The TOPICS introduced on what was then a very busy [but argumentative!] forum are another matter - maybe for discussion another time..? I have some core elements that I think it could be said were given conspiracy TNT, along with a very few other venues from that time, which helped blow them into corners that would have remained dark in say another parellel whirrled...


Private tracker vs semi-private

A poll done on the site many years ago asked whether the new, post hacked site should have a private tracker. A majority voted for private, but almost all the donors voted to keep it semi-private.

I hate hit and runs like most people, but I also think the information on this site is too important to limit spreading. Also, never bite the hands that feed you.

In your opinion, was it wise to make ConCen semi-private?

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