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brand new Bedini SG release

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brand new Bedini SG release

Any of you guys and gals heard anything about it yet?

Easy Skanking

I haven't heard about the third book until just now. I'm definitely looking forward to it!

I am curious, what books are

I am curious, what books are worth reading from their list of published items:
2014 Energy Science & Technology Conference Panel Discussion
A Course in Mind Power
Advanced Motor Secrets
Battery Rejuvenation
Battery Secrets
Bedini SG - The Complete Beginner's Handbook
Bedini SG - The Complete Intermediate Handbook
Classic Energy Videos
Cosmic Induction Generator
Electric Motor Secrets
Four Quadrant Representation of Electricity
Home Energy Savings Guide
How to Build a Jet Engine
Ignition Secrets
Lessons in Advanced Perception
Lone Pine Writings
Magnet Secrets
Magnetic Energy Secrets Part 1
Magnetic Energy Secrets Part 2
Open System Thermodynamics
Perpetual Motion Reality
Real Rain Making
Save on Home Energy
Tesla's Hidden Discoveries
Tesla's Radiant Energy
The Extraluminal Transmission Systems of Tesla and Alexanderson
The Quantum Key
The Real History of the Ed Gray Motor
The Real History of the Ed Gray Motor Part 2
The Secret of Tesla's Power Magnification
Water Fuel Secrets
Wireless Giant of the Pacific
Magnetizer Products
Tesla Chargers

Some of these seem fascinating, but I really don't know if they are of real value or not?

links and torrents pls
Easy Skanking
I don't know about the one on

I don't know about the one on jet engines but as to the rest...if you are serious about radiant energy, read them all. Many of them do require quite a bit of electrical engineering knowledge.

Very interesting @Easy. Can

Very interesting @Easy. Can you recommend a good starting point for EE? I do have a technical bg with high math, but I probably should get a no-nonsense resource that will go through the basics and skip the junk. Perhaps something like: ?

Easy Skanking
That link looks like it

That link looks like it covers the basic conventional ground. If you are a hands-on learner (which is necessary with learning about the natural world), the "Evil Genius" books on electronics and electrical circuits are a good learning lab. Tesla made a particular point about experiment vs. mathematical theory in that you can get lost in theory and you must have hands on to see how the world really works.

Regardless of which learning method you choose for conventional electrical theory, it contains inaccuracies and omissions with regards to radiant energy and scalar fields. The Bedini SG books and experiments serve as a good starting point for radiant energy learning. The video series, "Energy from the Vacuum" is also a valuable and comprehensive info source from a number of very bright and inventive people. Peter Lindemann's books and lectures are straight and to the point on their topics. Eric Dollard's books and presentations are much more technical but are extremely in depth about their topics.

"Lost Science" by Gerrry Vassilatos is a must for a history lesson in energy research as well as "Secrets of Cold War Technology: Project Haarp and Beyond". Those two books will give you plenty of other names and devices to look into all across the board. is a nice overview for the field both current and past, too.

One thing to keep in mind about radiant energy, zero point energy, vacuum energy or many other names, is that there are so many different ways to collect and harvest the various forms of energy present in nature. There is no "one right way" to harness these energies. It seems that nature wants to give these energies to us and the methods are as varied as the people that discover and invent them.

Practical electronics for

Practical electronics for Inventors
direct pdf link - rightclick and save

Very interesting

Very interesting. Really appreciate your pointers there. Have you put any time into Tetryonics? This guy seems to be consolidating everything that these researchers have been doing into a cohesive theory that seems to capture the core elements of these marvelous experimenters.

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Not yet

I've only casually seen it here and there but I haven't actually looked into it at all yet.

Truly fascinating

For someone who has some background already, Tetryonics is truly fascinating. He has spent so much time assembling the theory, I think he would appreciate someone with experimentation experience giving some feedback. His ability to answer some of the most perplexing questions has been unbelievable. He has been able to demonstrate how many of the late 1800's to 1900's greats exceptions with one another are actually different perspectives of the same or similar problems and how they actually fit together.

Bedini SG - Complete Advanced Hanbook
Thank you Vagabonder. As

Thank you Vagabonder. As always, your shares are precious gems.

New WORKING OverUnity system

Everyone check this post out out:

Energy from the vacuum videos

I hope i dont mess this topic, but since i'm interested in bedini's work, i thought i would post here, instead of opening another topic.

Can anyone re-seed Energy from the vacuum part 22? also does anyone have the rest from this triad (part 21 and part 23)?


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