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Warm greetings

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Warm greetings

Hello everyone,

Glad to join the ConCen tribe!
My main fields of interest are mysticism, meditation, inner alchemy, sacred geometry, shamanism, science of consciousness and suppressed knowledge.
I am a collector of (rare) ebooks in these categories and will be happy to keep an eye on your requests.
Looking forward to share within this community.

Welcome, fellow seeker

May your torrents be always seeded!


Looking forward to check out your uploads! Those are some of my interests as well.

atmavidya wrote:
atmavidya wrote:

Hello everyone,...

Allow me to add my welcome to a fellow seeker of 'hidden knowledge', 'occluded understanding', and 'inchoate callings'.

Many thanks for posting, nice to meet you

Hello atmavidya, welcome!

Hello atmavidya, welcome!

Thanks for the welcome! I

Thanks for the welcome! I look forward to seeing you soon in the many interesting threads.

yo hi.

I like all those things too.

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