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Watch the Water, Dr Ardis, Truth about their fake “virus” grift going to hell.

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Watch the Water, Dr Ardis, Truth about their fake “virus” grift going to hell.

Is “Watch the Water” DIRECTLY over the target? it’s really fun watching the fallout.
Starting to see the Deep state PANIC? The trolls going INSANE? Media scared?

Fun seeing “doctors” watching the 2 years they’ve spent financially raping
innocent people all fall down and their fake “virus” grift go to hell?

Meanwhile, I’m waiting for anyone to disprove the evidence-backed findings.
Educated guess? They won’t. Time to put one's foot on the gas. Full speed ahead!

WATCH THE WATER with Dr Bryan Ardis


Do you not think this is obviously fake?

a) it's completely out of left-field. No-one has ever talked about snake venom in water.
b) all the established, reputable experts are ignoring it or dismissing it
c) surely Stew Peters gives you bad vibes.

What evidence is there for snake venom in the water?

Spike protein is LIKE cobra venom proteins, not the same at all.

Actually, I take it back.

I doubt there is snake venom in the water, and I don't trust Stew Peters.

But I watched this one, with Mike Adams, much more credible and made sense.

Less spastic hype too.


Agree, Mike Adams is far more credible. Looks like it's grown into 4 parts. I think it's all a possibility.

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