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Medical cannabis

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Medical cannabis

Ok so it's official. i have been accepted to be part of a medical trial for cannabis.
I get my first consultation on 18th August.
I will post what happens and what products are offered for treating me for chronic neoropathic pain.
at the end of the consultation i will get a prescription that will stayt for 3 months then another consultation to change if needed.
I am thinking that just getting herbal and then grinding it and putting it into a Sous vide vaccum bag and then into the pressure cooker to decarboxylate for 20 minutes on full tilt.
then weighing it out into portions to eat in some way.
I am none too trusting of the pharmna stuff albeit i have heard good things about the sub lingual oil tincture.
The trial will last two years and the data privided will be used to decide what cannabis based medicines will be available on the NHS and privately.

Good news!

I'm confident you'll benefit from the trial.

so had consultation

with the neoropathic pain consultant.
Been prescribed
Adven 20mg/ml THC full spectrum (Hybrid /indica) oil
30 millilitres

0.05-0.1ml at night, increase by 0.05-0.1ml every 3-5 days, max 0.8ml/24hrs individed doses

Route: Under the tongue /orally

This medicine has prescription issued to a nominated pharmacy with the dates shown below. Prescriptions expire 28 days after they are issued.

Adven 50mg/ml CBD broad spectrum oil
10 millilitres

0.2 ml(s) Twice a day

Route: Under the tongue /orally

This medicine has prescription issued to a nominated pharmacy with the dates shown below. Prescriptions expire 28 days after they are issued.

Adven 0% CBD/ 20% THC (hybrid) flos (this is bud)
20 gram(s)

Start with 0.1 gram taken by inhalation with a good quality vaporiser device and build up the number of inhalations taken over 3-5 days. If necessary, increase the amount of cannabis used in steps of 0.1-0.2 grams(s), every 3-5 days according to tolerability and effect to a total daily maximum of 1G

Route: Inhaled by a vapouriser device

This medicine has prescription issued to a nominated pharmacy with the dates shown below. Prescriptions expire 28 days after they are issued

I am going to keep a video diary (no it's fucking not being posted it's for the study folks) but i'll keep you appraised.
Doctor offered me gabapentin/pregablin for the nerve pain which i declined.
I am hoping this actially does work as hoped to make the pain more managable.

oh yeah.. i got this to vape the bud.
i could not resists the name.. plus 10 year warranty and very well reviwed.
got some budkups v3 with it andf will get the water kit for it so cool down the vapour.
arrives on saturday as does the oils/weed

hahaha, the pax for the pax!

hahaha, the pax for the pax! nice!

euxconcen wrote:
euxconcen wrote:

hahaha, the pax for the pax! nice!

yeah i couldn't resist it!
However, seems like CBPM, the pharmacy, are kinda shitty. they guaranteed that the prescription would be here on saturday as they had an arranmgement with the couriers DPD to do so.
tracking puts the parcel in Hinckley hub depot at 00:52 on Saturday as last tracking event.
Today however the tracking says the parcel has arrived at the local depot and will be out for delivery at 2pm...... since when did DPD deliver on a fucking sunday???
But glad it has. I find the vape rougher on my lungs than joints oddly. tried it with some Mamosa my mate had. but I have ordered a glass water bubbler attachment for the Pax 3 so that should help.
MY neuropathic pain consultant(non weed clinic) wanted to put me on either gabapentin or pregablin.... I don't fancy that much as they are apparently habit forming and fuck you up for the first few days. I seem to remember them having a reputation with junkies as they magnify the effect of opiates.....
BUT have turned that option down... not for me thanks.
So we'll see what this adven 20% THC weed is like.
Funnily they prescriped me on wednesday 25th August and I can apply for a repeat prescription............ on 1st September! LOL
prices decent.. weed at £5 GBP per gram, THC based sublingual oils for £30 for ten ml
CBD oils for 50mg/ml in 30 ml bottle £50. all in all 20 grams flower , 20ml thc @20mg/ml and 20ml@ 50mg/ml CBD cost £208 delivered.
So we shall see.

ok then...

the weed is called adven 20% THC and apparently a strain called Cairo. seems a very very light effect so... very little to no indica and all sativa.
large buds but very light and not very dense.
There's a rerasons i always got indica and it was for that heavier effect and does the job killing pain.
This... i don't even get stoned off it vaping or joints.
The Adven 20mg/ml sub lingual oil though.. that does have an effect thankfully.
i'll post pics of them tomorrow

follow on

the oils seem to be fine and i am slowly titrating the THC based oil up to 0.8ml(20mg/ml)(2%) in the evening.
The CBD 0.2 ml (50mg/ml)morning and evening.(5%)
the Adven 20% THC flower is..what i can only describe as astiningly bland and weak for something rated at 20% THC.
You know that feeling you think "'s kinda starting now".. well it never gets father than that. it's the weakest Sativa in the history of weak sativa. even though it's claimed to be a hybrid(the strain in called Cairo) it's just not doing anything really and it certainly don't stop the pain.
So appointment set up with the consultant to be given MVA Indica THC 20% (Kosher Kush) (cheers Canadian Veterans!)
I get this at 150 GBP per 30 grams(metric ounce) on the trial
which apparently is better.
I am not looking to get monged all day long. i am looking to find an equilibrium between pain relief and dose.
Khiron THC 20% (Hindu Kush) is another Indica alternative that's availabla at the same price.
noting they list it at 18% but i think they m,ight play loose and fast with the percentages but... you never know it might be a crap batch.
There have apparently been QC problems wityh people being sent dud flower, mouldy flower ffs! and a lot of buggering about with actual deliveries.
I use a pharmacy that does NOT charge for a repeat prescription, many charge 25-35 GBP for that.
But this limits the stock they get. it might be worth in a cost/benefit analysis to move to another pharmacy is this keeps up with other strains. i would keep getting their oil though. Luckily i can split the prescription between as many as three pharmacies. 3 is too much fucking around for me but two? two i can manage... probably.
BTW.. can't be arsed editing the personal info off the pics. lot of identifiable stuff multiple times over the label with multiple labels.

Thanks for sharing, hope you

Thanks for sharing, hope you can find a strength that works for you. cheers

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